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Yi Quan DVD no 1 
Stake Exercise of Yi Quan
Try Force of Yi Quan

by Bo Jiacong - President of Beijing Yiquan Research Institute

Stake Exercise of Yi Quan
The practice of Stake Exercise should be selected according to the personal objective of he practitioner, for this reason it includes two different main categories: Health Care Stake (parallel step) and Actual Combat Stake (Oblique T-Eight step).
It is generally accepted that the Health Care Stake constitutes the basis of all forms of martial art.
These two types of stakes are not fondamentally different but rather put a special emphasis on some special properties derived from common Yi Quan principles. Their practice will enhance the general physical skills of the practitioner.
Among the general points requested by the Stake exercise: focus your mental, relax your body and breath naturally.

Try Force of Yiquan
After gathering the internal power acquired along with the Stake exercises, the next step is to learn to trigger within the movement and how to apply it. As a general condition requested by Try Force exercise: move slowly especially in the beginning.  Move as swimming in the air and twist like a snake.  

Yi Quan Footwork: Try Force with Legs and  Feet
In this DVD n0 1, you'll discover the method to generate Yi Quan internal power, First in static mode with Stake exercices then in dynamic mode with Try Force bu still in slow speed.

"Receive the force when feeling it. Use the force after receiving it. " Bo Ciajong

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Bo JIA CONG - YI QUAN - DVD No1 - videos files
Total duration: about 122 mn - English subtitles. DVD quality.  

Jia Cong is explaining and demonstrating during each exercice.

Video contents:

Yi Quan Stake Exercise:
Hunyuan (universal) stake (Parallel step, T-Eight step and Big step versions)
Horizontal Embracing stake (Parallel step, T-Eight step and Big step versions)
Pushing & Holding stake (Parallel step, T-Eight step and Big step versions)
Hooking & Hanging stake (Parallel step, T-Eight step and Big step versions)
Cross Supporting stake
Pressing & Supporting stake (Parallel step, T-Eight step and Big step versions)
Grasping & Lifting stake (Parallel step, T-Eight step and Big step versions)
Lifting & Thrusting stake
Back Hands facing stake
Special stakes including Empty stake, Subduing Dragon stake, Taming Dragon stake, Meridan stake.
Special recommandations in the practice of stake exercise

Yi Quan Try Force Forms:

Introduction to Try Force
Waving & Rotating Form
Maltose Form
Oblique Hand Form
Pressing Ball Form
Pressing & Supporting Form
Separating Form
Chop Fist Form
Separating Water Form
Turning Pancake Form
Kite Flying Form

Yiquan Footwork:
Try Force of Legs and Feet (including Surrounding step, Half step)
Conclusion with Divine Tortoise Emerging from Water Form


"After watching these three DVDs, I realized that Bo JiaC. is, as his title, a researcher... Not a pure fighter... BUT he had the chances to exchange directly with the greatest fighters such as Wang Xiangzhai or Yao Zhongxun. So many techniques exposed here are often originated from these experts (and probably mouth to mouth way). But I still recommend some basic training first such as zhan zhuang (I love Dr. YU's book). This will give to these comlementary techniques all there real dmensions in exerting power and in sparring."
Gerard Tran - Sofia

"The explainations of BO are often illustrated with dialy tools or situation which facilitate the comprehension of the techniques exposed. I am starting to train them especially the Try Force Forms. The Separating form and the Divine Tortoise revealed here are a real treasure for my training. Thanks to Master Bo J. C. "
Juan M. - Madrid

Bo Jia Cong - Yi Quan Pack - DVD no 1 , DVD no2  & DVD no3  (avi files)

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With English subtitles. Total about  122 mn + 122 mn + 126 mn videos. Three avi files. DVD quality.

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Bo Jia Cong - Yi Quan Pack - DVD no 1 , DVD no2  & DVD no3: Video files
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