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Yi Quan DVD no 2 
The Single Hand Exercise of Yi Quan
Pushing Hands of Yi Quan
by Bo Jiacong  - President of Beijing Yiquan Research Institute

The Single Hand Exercise of Yi Quan
Single Hand Exercises are specially designed for Combat applications. They will help you to develop further skills specific to Yi Quan and allowing further understanding of key techniques necessary to master this boxing: by conditionning major parts of the body, preparing strategic combat behavior, and integrating ancient techniques derived for ancestral boxing styles of Yi Quan.
These are necessary tools to apprehend further Pushing Hands and Free Sparring.

Pushing Hands  of Yiquan
Pushing Hands (Tuishou) are a very specific way for two opponents to compete proper to Chinese Martial Arts, moreover they constitute a decisive preparation
for real combat as they will request the balanced combination of smooth movements delivered during Try Force by specific Yi Quan footwork.
Principles to be applied: Use rules but not shapes.Try to feel without deliberately seeking for it.  
As a very complete training exercise it will bring out the real skills acquired by the pratitioner  from various major prepartive exercises (Stake, Try Force, Apply Force...).

" The real purpose of Pushing Hands is not moving these hands but pushing your opponent " Bo Ciajong

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Bo JIA CONG - YI QUAN - DVD No2 - videos files
Total duration: about 122 mn - English subtitles. DVD quality.  

Jia Cong is explaining and demonstrating during each exercice.

Video contents:

Yi Quan Single Hand Exercises:
Basic Yi Quan Body training
    Head movement
    Shoulder movements (various techniques introduced)
    Waist movement
    Lower Limbs movements
Advanced Single Hand techniques
    Separating Hands (inward-outward, mixed separating hands, fixed step, moving step...)
    Twisting Hands with Snake Shape
    Blocking and Chopping Down
    Nimble Monkey Climbing Rattan
    The Bear Moves Mat
    An Overlord Presents Wine
Body reaction training: Heaven's King Umbrella
Coordination of upper/lower limbs: The man Carries Biandan
Leg training
"Mi" character leg training
Foot Withdrawing and Stamping Forward
Eye training

Yi Quan Pushing Hands:

Theory of Pushing Hands
Single Pushing Hands and Double Pushing Hands (various cases and situations presented)
Double person reaction training
Issuing force in Pushing Hands (including specific throwing techniques)


"I was not impressed by Bo JC skills in the beginning compared to Yao CG or Wang YX... but after returning back to his DVDs (after several years)  I found them very complementary once having set up strong basis in Post training and Shili. Now I would recommend them for intermediate/advanced student rathen than pure beginners in Yi Quan. I apprecaite for example the training of body reaction: a more dynamic "Iron Shirt" as dscribed in other documents. "
Fred F.H. - Turin

"I would prefer a longer and more detailled Pushing Hands section but the Applying F. is quite unusual in its contents and kind of compensate the previous section with systematic body condtioning in phase with Yiquan whole body power. I honestly consider these DVDs for anyone willing to widen your Dachengquan knowledge"
Alex T.B.  - Boston

Bo Jia Cong - Yi Quan Pack - DVD no 1 , DVD no2  & DVD no3  (avi files)

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With English subtitles. Total about  122 mn + 122 mn + 126 mn videos. Three avi files. DVD quality.

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Bo Jia Cong - Yi Quan Pack - DVD no 1 , DVD no2  & DVD no3: Video files
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