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Wang Xiang Zhai's daughter Wang Yufang (written also Wang Yu Fang) was very active to promote the art of her father, especially in Health/massage aspect (see Li Zhaoshan's Healing Dachengquan) in the same line as Dr.Yu  Yongnian, she brought among the most important influence on the development of the healing aspect of Dachengquan and even as a woman she enjoyed practicing pushing hands some of her most famous students: Li Quanyou (Cf The Essence of Combat in Yiquan). She passed away in Beijing on 14th March 2012 at age 91.
In 2005 she was the main host for Commemoration of the 120th anniversary of her father Wang Xiang Zhai with the support of the top Chinese Yiquan experts: Yu Yong Nian, Li Jian Yu, Yao Cheng Guang, Bo Jia Cong... A series of videos have been created at this occasion and will be soon be available for free on this site.

Even step Universal post T-eight step Universal post Even step Press. Holding post

T-eight step Hook. Pull. post


Even step Pushing-Lifting post

Taming the Tiger Kneading Ball Testing force Pressing Holding Testing force


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