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Seeking Force  & Combat posts in Yiquan 

by Yao Chengguang

As the second video of this series, Yao explains Yiquan Combats and their differences with  Healing posts. 

With a progressive method of training higher level of internal power. Among these more advanced properties explored: contradictive forces (called also opposite forces) but also in training "Seeking Force" thus intensifying internal sensations, body alignment and  amplitudes of forces involved in these exercises.

The Combat posts presented are also approached according to their degree of difficulties  each post necessiting the mastery of previously presented ones.
As in Healing posts, Yao starts with an "Universal post" refering to the most basic Combat post. Included in this training , a more detailed explanation of "T-eight step".

As an important distinctive feature of Yao's method in Combat Posts are the arrangement of  Combat  posts:  in each post presented a further step of complexity is requested from the practitioner  to be mastered.

From T-eight step posture  to One supporting leg posture, Yao has selected Eight progressive posts exposing his vision of Yiquan evolutive standardts in physical and mental requests of Combat Posts, bringing the practitioner to the limits of his present level of development and methods to overpass them and in the same way opening new space of body/mental particularly useful  for  fighting abilities.

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YAO CHENGGUANG - Combat Science - DVD No2 - videos files
Total duration: about 58 mn - English subtitle. 

Cheng Guang is explaining and demonstrating during each exercice.

Video contents:

The demands of Yiquan Combat Posts. Applications of principles of Seeking Force according to six directions. The exercices are progressive for mastering space/directions: starting from selected directions then changing directions up to all directions simultaneously.

The 8 major Combat posts presented :
1) Hunyuan Zhuang or Universal Combat Post 
2) Ping Bao Zhuang or Even Embracing Post 
3) ChengTuo Zhuang or Pushing-Lifting Combat Post 
4) Guogua Zhuang or Hooking-Pulling Combat Post 
5) Fuhu Zhuang or Taming Tiger Combat Post / Big Post
6) Xiang Long Zhuang or Landing Dragon Combat Post
7) Dan Tui Yituo Zhuang or One Leg Supported Post
8) Duli Zhuang or One leg Post 

This special arrangement of exercices exposes the major development in static internal strength acquired from "non-moving" posts with the "Seeking Force" technique setting higher level of skills  for combat purpose.


"I am impressed about the Combat Posts explained in this video no2. Beside Yiquan I practice Taichi too but I was looking for something to improve my balance especially through kicks in slow motion and Yao's method of One leg supported gives me the very important way to improve it with my own pace. It's great also to understand with this video how to increase the difficulty of your post, I mean, not only as as most teacher (of Taichi) will say: "lower posture" during your routine,but with time and ...pain in knees, I understood that it was a very uncomplete picture of A REAL training. Thanks to Yao.
Samuel Desmoulin -

"Landing Dragon and Taming Tiger  is my favorite post, even I cannot stand long time, I feel very good sensation in my waist and hips. It is like squeezing myself from the waist, it was incomfortable in the beginning but now it is like something I am looking to practice wjhenI have time. Tiger post is extraordinary to build further confidence in me, there is no combat situation but it is like a very good mental preparation for fighting."
Dominique Prestot - Ile de la Reunion

Yao Chengguang Yiquan Combat Science - DVD no2  (avi file)

With English subtitles. Total about  58 mn video. One avi file. DVD quality.

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Yao Chengguang Yiquan Combat Science - DVD no2: Video files
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