Yiquan Classics Video: Yao Chengguang Yiquan Combat Science - DVD no 3  (avi files)
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Advanced Combat posts & Testing Force in Yiquan
by Yao Chengguang

Considered as one of the most advanced form of Combat Post, "Bird Flying With Difficulty" is now exposed in this DVD no3, according to the progressive "Seeking Force" approach on separated directions up to "Liu Mian Li" six directions simultaneously. Thus positionning the highest requests in combat post as "Liu Mian  Li" while internal power is even more adaptative. 

Two interesting sitting variant of Combat Post are proposed which are complementing the previous ones especially useful for  "Desktop" training and deepening sensations for Changing Directions and Simultaneous Directions in Seeking Force.

As a central training in Yiquan before starting the Issuing Force or "Fali". Yao is introducing Testing Force exercises, involving the acquired Universal power (Post standing) into a more dynamic and enlarged space. The first required training is Fixed Step Testing Force and here ten different Test Force exercises.
After a certain time they will propulse progressivelly the skills of the practitionner up to a level of a more flexible, unified internal power within movement itself.
This state of relaxation and entiress in Testing Force can related to the purpose of the original martial Tai Chi Chuan but with a much clearer background provided by the previous fondamental work  of static postures and Seeking Force proper to Yiquan.

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YAO CHENGGUANG - Combat Science - DVD No3 - videos files
Total duration: about 58 mn - English subtitle. 

Cheng Guang is explaining and demonstrating during each exercice.

Video contents:

The advanced combat post: Applications of principles of Seeking Force from separated directions up to six directions simultaneously with.
- Bird Flying With Difficulty

Yiquan Sitting Combat Post: 
- Sitting Variant of Universal Post
- Sitting variant of Even Embracing Combat Post

Yiquan Combat Testing Force: Theory and  practice
10 Fixed step Testing  Force are presented:
- Even pushing T.F.
- Playing with Water T.F.
- Opening Closing T.F.
- Hooking-Pulling T.F.
- Parting-Pulling T.F.
- Pressing Ball T.F.
- Rotating T.F.
- Chopping to the side T.F.
- Chopping vertically T.F.
- Waving T.F.


"I did not believe in the beginning but these Sitting Combat post are good, as I can "hold' them longer I started to feel much better tensing opposite forces. I believe that The Bird Flying exercice is a higher level for this DVD but it gave me more clues on relaxing my shoulders"
Franck Peters -
New Caledonia

"Testing force was always like empty before I started  the DVD n2 & n3. The Seeking Force method of Yao CG is a more precise method compared with most other ones. I feel now the various Testing Force like a air/swimming exercice now where I can feel more inside of my body involved"
Tom Prescot - Sydney

Yao Chengguang Yiquan Combat Science - DVD no3  (avi file)

With English subtitles. Total about  58 mn video. One avi file. DVD quality.

This video series contains one avi video file which download links will be sent to you within 24H after your order and your successful payment through Paypal. 

Yao Chengguang Yiquan Combat Science - DVD no3: Video files
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