Yiquan Classics Video: Yao Chengguang Yiquan Combat Science - DVD no 4  (avi files)
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Advanced Combat Testing Force in Yiquan
by Yao Chengguang

Any fighting method but also healing methods without steps would be incomplete or more often students are misunderstanding the distinction of non-moving and moving exercises: Yes we need first to master Non-moving .  But we should Not  satisfy  ourselves in JUST training static exercises.

In this DVD no4  Yao's method is precisely taking by the hand the pratitioner and lead him to higher demanding training of  Combat Testing Force with steps, just a a perfect  continuation of the previous Fixed step exercises presented in DVD no3. Making even more sense for the trainee from apprehending Universal Force, Seeking Force in Fixed Step accessing to more intense physical/mental  involment brought by further leg/step work  but also bringing one level closer to the reality of combat.

As the previous exercises in Fixed step, the successive  Combat Testing Force with step are presnted according to an increasing level of difficulty while mastering the multi-directional forces involved in each exercises.

Three advanced Combat Testing Force Fixed steps are also explained, including Diving Turtle Emerging From Water or Mixed Fixed step which should require a special attention as a basis for effective combat strategy in Yiquan Duanshou (Free fighting).

This DVD no4 is a solid knowledge on Testing Force with step as the important level of MUST be reached for any serious Yiquan practitioner in perfect continuity with previously presented Yiquan training.

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YAO CHENGGUANG - Combat Science - DVD No4 - videos files
Total duration: about 58 mn - English subtitle. 

Cheng Guang is explaining and demonstrating during each exercice.

Video contents:

Yiquan Combat Testing Force Fixed step: 3 advanced exercises.
- Both arms circling chopping T.F. Fixed Step
- Divine Turtle Emerging From Water T.F. Fixed Step
- Mixed Fixed step T.F. 

Yiquan Combat Testing Force with step: Introduction and theory
- Even pushing T.F. with step
- Playing with Water T.F. with step
- Opening Closing T.F. with step
- Hooking-Pulling T.F. with step
- Parting-Pulling T.F. with step
- Pressing Ball T.F. with step
- Rotating T.F. with step
- Chopping to the side T.F. with step
- Chopping vertically T.F. with step
- Waving T.F with step
- Both arms circling chopping T.F. with step


"The advanced Combat T.F. are terrific! Just the right preparation for pushing hands and Combat. A long time question I had in mind and solved when I started them. I start immediately my pushing hands practice with more confidence. Just can wait to improve them with Steps."
Jesus Pujol -

"The 13 types of Combat Testing F. presented in the previous DVD and this ones are worth time to spend on them. Convinient and exhaustive. Even sometimes I felt the comments on video a bit repetitive when it comes to see Yao moving with steps this really worth it. Because much in pure watching the video."
Olga Presti - USA

Yao Chengguang Yiquan Combat Science - DVD no4  (avi file)

With English subtitles. Total about  58 mn video. One avi file. DVD quality.

This video series contains one avi video file which download links will be sent to you within 24H after your order and your successful payment through Paypal. 

Yao Chengguang Yiquan Combat Science - DVD no4: Video files
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