Yiquan Classics Video: Yao Chengguang Yiquan Combat Science - DVD no 5  (avi files)
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Combat Steps & Issuing Force in Yiquan
by Yao Chengguang

Two very important aspects of Yiquan are presented here in Yao's DVD no5:

I) Combat  steps: often confused with the mocabu step, Yao reveals here the most useful steps used in real combat, which will give to the fighter all his freedom and lightness in front of his opponent. These 5 "canonic" Combat steps have been refined through the two generations of Yao and anyone with a slight experience in combat would approuve their effectiveness.

II) Issuing Force:: could we even call martial art if there is no power in Issuing Force? Here Yao explains Issuing Force as a natural process integrating all previous Yiquan capabilities in terms of  internal power and make it happen after the mastery of Testing Force and  Steps. With the same canonic exercises presented in Testing Force, starting with Static T-Eight step. Then with step.
But also here Issuing Force reaches whole body becoming a weapon itself.  Yao Cheng Guang shows some specific parts of the body which can be used as deadly weapons.

This material takes the practitioner to the next level of his Yiquan training giving him effective tools to increase speed, power and strategic superiority in combat situation with the two leverages: Combat Steps and Issuing Force.

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Samples of YAO DVD no5 (flash required) Sample of Yao DVD no5  (avi format file)

YAO CHENGGUANG - Combat Science - DVD No5 - videos files
Total duration: about 58 mn - English subtitle. 

Cheng Guang is explaining and demonstrating during each exercice.

Video contents:

The demands of Yiquan Combat Posts. Applications of principles of Seeking Force according to six directions. The exercices are progressive for mastering space/directions: starting from selected directions then changing directions up to all directions simultaneously.

The two major Combat Testing Force with steps  presented:
- Divine Turtle Emerging With Step
- Mixed Testing Force with Step

The demands of Yiquan Combat Steps: Theory and practice
- Forward-Backward Step
- Big Step
- Circling Step
- Going to the Side and Hitting straight
- Changing Steps

Yiquan Issuing Force: Principle and applications
- T-Eight Step Forward Issuing Force
- T-Eight Step Chopping To The Side Issuing Force
- T-Eight Step Chopping Vertically Issuing Force
- T-Eight Step Hooking Pulling Issuing Force
- T-Eight Step Parting-Pulling Issuing Force
- T-Eight Step Pressing Ball Issuing Force
- T-Eight Step Rotating Issuing Force
- T-Eight Step Both Arms Circling Chopping Issuing Force
- T-Eight Step Backward and Downward Issuing Force 
- T-Eight Step Issuing Force With Head
- T-Eight Step Issuing Force With Shoulder
- T-Eight Step Issuing Force With Elbow
- T-Eight Step Issuing Force With Palm
- T-Eight Step Issuing Force With Hip
- T-Eight Step Issuing Force With Knee

Yiquan Issuing Force With Step: Theory and practice
- Issuing Force Forward With Step
- Chopping To The Side Issuing Force With Step
- Chopping Vertically Issuing Force With Step
- Hooking-Pulling Issuing Force With Step


"I had some little experience in street fight when I was living in downtown and I can testimony the effectiveness using head or knee in real situation of fight. Of course I had not the background of Yao ChengG but that proves the experience and open mind of the Yao family in combat. Sure that it is less artistic than Taichi but you can put your opponent down. I believe their training program as practical and progressive for anyone interested in effective internal arts."
Serge Micheal -

"Steps-Steps-Steps.... I agree on the importance of steps. It was my constant sensation of weakness when I had the opportunity to do some combat with partner, especially when comes the times of acceleration, I felt always not at the level of any oppoenent. But these Five Combat steps are really good and open me to wider possibility when facing an opponent. Thanks to your honest material, I find it very rarely in other sources..."
Karl S.  - Stuttgart

Yao Chengguang Yiquan Combat Science - DVD no5  (avi file)

With English subtitles. Total about  58 mn video. One avi file. DVD quality.

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Yao Chengguang Yiquan Combat Science - DVD no5: Video files
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