Introduction to Dachengquan Duanshou's most deadly fighting methods  by Li Zhaoshan Video version

Dachengquan Duanshou's most deadly fighting methods

This video illustrates basically the e-book material by the same author. All the demonstrations and explanations are performed by Li Zhaoshan. As you will see by yourself through, the competence and abilities of Li are not exaggerated.
It is a contraction of the theoretical contents of the e-book written by the same author. The demonstration and performance of Li illustrates with depth and efficiency of all principles and techniques of this pedagogic material.These 45mn with Li Zhaoshan provides you the indispensable training tools to progress in the mastery of Dachengquan Duanshou with vivid demonstrations

Video file 1: 4mn 17s   - Introduction
Short documentary illustrating very well the background of Li Zhaoshan and his impact in Dachengquan circle 每 Introduction and presentation of the major parts of Duanshou Video by Li himself.

Video file 2: 10mn 53s 每 From Internal Strength to various forms of forces
Presentation and demonstration of Dachengquan Martial power/Internal strength 每 Properties of Internal strength (Iron shirt & Striking) - How to develop it 每 Live demonstration and applications with Contradiction Force and Nursing Force 每 Development to others forms of force.

Video file 3: 4mn 57s 每 Braveness training
Three types of exercises to develop braveness: Combat mental inducement 每 Eyesight training 每 Testing voice

Video file 4: 2mn 24s 每 Single hand techniques & combination
From the basis of four techniques (Circling punch, Pounding fist, Slapping palm and Knee of Buddha*s Warrior Attendant) Li presents and demonstrates their basic application with combination between them and various steps.

Video file 5: 3mn 04s 每 Preliminary combat preparation in sparring
Impact training with partner- Method of training in fixed steps and with steps.

Video file 6: 3mn 13s 每 Counterattack Tactics
Four major standard counterattack situations performed step by step and chained in normal speed.

Video file 7: 2mn 24s 每 Simultaneous attack/defense Tactics
Applications from contradiction post 每 Entwining arm/drilling fist - Smashing fist/chopping fist - Knee of Buddha*s Warrior Attendant - Chopping palm/Horizontal sweep

Video file 8: 2mn 24s 每 Substantial and Insubstantial Tactics
Left insubstantial and right substantial - Pointing upward then strike downward 每 Pointing downward then striking upward - Insubstantial smashing and substantial slapping - High substantial and lower attack.

Video file 9: 3mn 12s 每 How to transform your techniques into the most deadly ones?
Large step 每 Triangle step with filing steps 每 Gluteal muscle - Random steps and several secret combinations of techniques illustrating this strategic training.

Video file 10: 2mn 22s 每 Combat sensing training
Li includes in this other strategic training when should this ability especially useful and how to apply it. Three different types of ※stick & adhere§. Multiple cases of application

Video file 11: 5mn 44s 每 Application of Stick & Adhere tactic in combat
This is the final ※touch§ of this battery of methods presented by Li Zhaoshan to provide you immediate dominancy in combat and highest mastery if successfully trained.

Three different types of ※stick & adhere§. Multiple cases of its application.

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"This video provides an extraordinary step in the pedagogy of Yiquan/Dachengquan. The author explains very directly many combat methods even carefully hidden by many internal arts such as Tai chi. It really gives another dimension with the precise details contained in each technique in slower speed and its performance in real speed. After viewing this video, everyone should have a clearer view of how to use basic techniques embedded in zhan zhuang and shili exercises and reach progressively full power in combat. Thanks to Li Zhaoshan for his synthetic work.
--- D. Zhu - May 2005

"I studied several years Yiquan from several masters, but I may say that this video provides really interesting details in pushing hands and techniques combinations that I have ever seen before and from now on it inspires me further possible development in sparring."
---- Karl Germany   - May 2005

"Before viewing this video, I did never care about fighting tactics as I was much involved in just looking for further internal power. But now I have integrated also further techniques combinations and mental inducement regarding this important aspect of combat. The way that Li is organizing his video is very interesting from the internal strength to the training with valuable combat techniques selected for further efficiency. I like also his explanations on braveness it is simple but important and help me to overcome incredible mental obstacles previously cumulated until getting his written guidance. Thanks Li, you are a great teacher..."
---- Marc  Canada 每 April 2005

Dachengquan Duanshou's most deadly fighting methods (Video file)

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