CHAPTER I Brief presentation of Dachengquan

CHAPTER II Dachengquan¡¯s seven wonderful domains of training

II.1 Post standing
II.2 Testing force
     II.2.1 Three categories of testing force
     II.2.2 Four levels of testing force
II.3 Stepping
II.4 Issuing force
     II.4.1 5 Major Forces
     II.4.2 Specific requirements and practical points of¡°issuing      force¡±
II.5 Testing voice
     II.5.1 Two categories of testing voice (functional aspect)
     II.5.2 Three mental categories of testing voice
     II.5.3 Three kind of manifestations in testing voice
II.6 Pushing hands
     II.6.1 The meaning of pushing hand
     II.6.2 Pushing hands fundamentals
II.7 Sparring
     II.7.1 Starting level of sparring
     II.7.2 Intermediate level of sparring
     II.7.3 Advanced level of sparring
     II.7.4 Superior level of sparring
     II.7.5 Highest level of sparring

CHAPTER III The first phase training
III.1 Universal (all-round or multi-directional) post
     III.1.1 Post standing
     III.1.2 ¡°Qi¡±sensations in post standing
     III.1.3 Time request for post standing
     III.1.4 Principles of post standing
     III.1.5 Adjusting your body
     III.1.6 Ending training exercise
III.2 Contradiction post
     III.2.1 Post standing
     III.2.2 The purpose of training contradiction post
     III.2.3 Principle of contradiction post
III.3 Hooking-filing testing force
     III.3.1 Starting movement
     III.3.2 Two palms transition movement
     III.3.3 Hooking-filing off movement
III.4 Stepping
     III.4.1 Friction step
     III.4.2 Transversal step
     III.4.3 Triangle step
     III.4.4 Underlay step
     III.4.5 Triangle Underlay step
III.5 Inducement of force and issuing force
     III.5.1 Inducement of force
     III.5.2 Natural Integral strength
     III.5.3 Fixed step ejecting technique
     III.5.4 Tolling with step
III.6 Single hand techniques and chaining (linking) ability
     III.6.1 Circle punch
     III.6.2 Splitting palm
     III.6.3 Pounding punch
     III.6.4 Slapping palm
     III.6.5 Knee of Buddha's Warrior Attendant
     III.6.6 Chaining single hand technique


CHAPTER IV The Second Phase training
IV.1 Natural force and contradiction post advanced training
     IV.1.1 Experience natural force
     IV.1.2 Forward-backward whole body force
     IV.1.3 Leftward/rightward spiral twisting
     IV.1.4 Supporting outward and holding inward
IV.2 Testing force and stepping
     IV.2.1 Long narrow flag testing force
     IV.2.2 Millstones testing force
     IV.2.3 Slight filling up step
     IV.2.4 Worm step
     IV.2.5 Large step
IV.3 Reverting ¡° eject opponent¡± attack
     IV.3.1 Training process
     IV.3.2 Fixed reverting ¡°eject opponent¡±attack
     IV.3.3 Reverting¡°eject opponent¡±attack with movement
IV.4 Single pushing hands
     IV.4.1 Single pushing hands solo practice
     IV.4.2 Single pushing hand practice with partner
     IV.4.3 Controlling opponent with single pushing hand
     IV.4.4 Reverse control of single pushing hand
IV.5 Double pushing hands
     IV.5.1 Double pushing hands solo practice
     IV.5.2 Double pushing hands practice with partner
     IV.5.3 Double pushing hands applications
IV.6 Wrapping Iron Force and its applications
     IV.6.1 Wrapping iron force
     IV.6.2 Smashing punch
     IV.6.3 Drilling punch
     IV.6.4 Wrapping iron pounding punch

CHAPTER V The third phase training
V.1 Supporting-nursling post
     V.1.1 Adaptive phase
     V.1.2 Steadiness practice
     V.1.3 Mental training
V.2 Snake entwining hand testing force
     V.2.1 Snake entwining hand - fixed step
     V.2.2 Snake entwining hand with step
     V.2.3 Mind activity in snake entwining hand testing force
     V.2.4 Snake entwining hand applications
V.3 Double stretching force
     V.3.1 The principle of double stretching force
     V.3.2 The training of double stretching force
     V.3.3 Checking up your double stretching force
     V.3.4 Double stretching force applications
V.4 Seizing/ejecting techniques pushing hands
     V.4.1 Basic ejecting technique
     V.4.2 Single pushing hand eject technique
     V.4.3 Double pushing hands ejecting technique
V.5 No fixed posture practice
     V.5.1 Move with wheel
     V.5.2 Strike with side of body
     V.5.3 Drill sky pounding
     V.5.4 The palm double flying
     V.5.5 Chaining pounding
     V.5.6 Deadly elbow
     V.5.7 Sweeping thousand of soldiers
     V.5.8 Chopping wooden trunk
     V.5.9 Tiger holds head
     V.5.10 Lift big bag

CHAPTER VI - Questions and answers on practicing Dachengquan



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