CHAPTER I - Brief introduction to Healing Dachengquan
I.1 Perpetual spring and prolonging life
I.2 Further merits of Healing Dachengquan
I.3 Essential points during the training of Healing Dachengquan

CHAPTER II - Healing Posts in Dachengquan
II.1 - Method of Healing Posts
II.1.1 Generating Qi Post
II.1.2 Universal Post
II.1.3 Embracing ball Post
II.1.4 Supporting ball Post
II.1.5 Supporting Pressing Post
II.1.6 Separating the water Post
II.1.7 Hands to Lower Back Post
II.1.8 Touching Object Post
II.1.9 Sitting embracing Post
II.1.10 Regular sitting Post
II.1.11 Sitting pulling Post
II.1.12 Suspending lying Post
II.1.13 Straight lying Post
II.1.14 Side lying Post
II.2 Effects during training of Healing Posts
II.3 Three phases of Healing post
II.4 Mental activity during practice and applications
II.5 Applications of Healing Dachengquan for medical treatment
II.6 Examples of successful medical treatment with Healing Dachengquan.

CHAPTER III - Dachengquan Five Elements Gongfu
III.1 Pouncing Tiger form
III.2 Moving Snake form
III.3 Bear Form
III.4 Flying Crane Form
III.5 Nimble Ape Form

CHAPTER IV ĘC Dachengquan Jianwu
IV.1 Major steps in Jianwu
IV.2 36 Forms of Jianwu
IV.3 Flexible study and use of Jianwu
IV.4 Jianwu as a high level drill
IV.5 Martial applications of Jianwu

CHAPTER V ĘC Dachengquan Gongli Massage
V.1 Gongli Massage post standing
V.1.1 Seizing pressing post
V.1.2 Pushing holding post
V.1.3 Lifting sticking post
V.1.4 Kneading crushing post
V.1.5 "Vermillion" finger post
V.1.6 Inducing contradiction post
V.2 Gongli Massage Method
V.3 Main & Collateral Channels and Acupoints
V.4 Applications of Gongli Massage




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