Yu Yong Nian (1920-2013)
Chinese National Chi Kung Research Council, American-Chinese Chi Kung Research Group, Da Cheng Chuan Zhan Zhuang Chi Kung Research groups (Europe).
Among his most famous students are Master Lam Kam Chuen, Master Guo Guizhi...
Among the earliest students of Great Master Wang Xiang Zhai, was a young man who studied orthodox Western medicine and then specialized in dentistry. His name was Yu Yong Nian. more

The contradictive aspects of motion and stillness accor- ding to Wang XZ by Yu Yong Nian. more 

Grand Master Yu Yong Nian:
Fundamentals in Yi Quan(Yi Chuan) Healing and Combat Theory - Training levels with Zhan Zhuang. more

Yiquan Pushing Hands

Wrongly compared with the Tai Chi Pushing Hands, in Yiquan, Pushing Hands is the ultimate link between Solo training and combat.
Do not underestimate Single Hand Pushing Hands. more 

  Master Shi Feng Qi
Master Shi Feng Qi has studied Yiquan(Yi Chuan) with Yang Demao, he started at the age of 19. Originated from Hebei Province, he practiced Shaolin style before meeting his Master Yang. He uses to explain to his students that before practicing Yiquan(Yi Chuan) a friend of him who was practicing Tong Bei Quan, used to beat him in combat. But later after just a few years practicing Yiquan(Yi Chuan) he beat his friend with one punch knocking him down. - more



Master Han Sihuang

¡¡ ¡¡ ¡¡






China's Yiquan top experts and
their training materials

This web site is dedicated to those who seek a direct access to the authentic teachings in Yiquan (Yi Chuan, aka Yi Quan, I Chuan, Dacheng or Da Cheng Chuan).
The dual aspect of Yiquan: Healing oneself and  learning combat practices is not a source of contradictions. Rather, these two faces are complementary and inseparable, as Yin is for Yang and vice-versa.
Often, the healing aspect is sadly neglected in Yichuan, while combat practices and the relentless search for inner and physical efficiency are  greatly overplayed.
In reality, most Yiquan fighters do include in their training health exercices as well as well as proper diet to help them extract maximum efficiency from their physical and spiritual / mental  bodies.
I hope you will  enjoy these exceptional and rare documents, photos, video clips featuring Top Experts in this field.
This way, the information which is normally available, only to disciples and students in attendance, can be brought to all persons interested.

Our latest materials:
"Dachengquan" Complete Collection 4 DVDs  by Feng Hongcan

The Right Path of Yiquan by Wang Xiangzhai translated in English.
"Chinese Wushu Yiquan" Complete Collection 8 DVDs  by Zhang Guang Yu

Yao Chengguang Yiquan DVD series now available

Many of you have ask us if we could offer the famous DVDs of Yao Chengguang.
So we simply did it! Get now the 11 DVDs of  the most complete video tutorial for Yiquan.
Yiquan Pushing Hands and Advanced Combat training freshly available.
"The Tao of Yi Chuan" video by Li Jiang Yu authentic Dachengquan (Yiquan) training method:
55 minutes of pure Yiquan practiced by a 80 years expert Li Jian Yu, all major techniques covered (post, shili, mocabu, pushing hands...)

Dachengchengquan Healing Systems - Two Chinese Massage experts expose advanced healing techniques based on Dachengquan principles:
- Internal Power Healing Massage by He Jiaqi
- Stretching Tendons & Parting Bones by Han Pingjin

The art of Three Legendary Warriors - Yao Zongxun, Wan Xuanjie & Kenichi Sawai
The video testimonial of their great achievement in Yiquan, their methods of training, and demonstrations with their closest students.

Zhuan Zhuang and The Search of Wu
THE ZHAN ZHUANG REFERENCE material written by Dr. Yu Yong Nian  is now available. Dachengquan's moving & non-moving training methods. Secret training techniques in internal martial arts.


"Each one of your ebooks is like finding a virtual treasure chest of Yiquan knowlege. It would litterally cost you thousands of dollars to aquire this knowlege elsewhere, assuming this knowlege is even available elsewhere. In addition your staff is very friendly courteous and knowlegable, when it comes to technical questions. Thank you for providing an invaluable service to Yiquan practioners worldwide."
Tim B. US

"Hello,I am writing to complement the art and your correspondence course. In over 30 years of martial art training I have never made such all around improvement in my skills. The strength and energy is unbelievable. Training is 7 days a week, one day health stances and shi li & fixed stepping.Next day is combat stances, shi li,moving steps and fali drills.At 60 years of age I feel younger and stronger than before Looking forward to part 2 which I will order in about a week. Thank's again for making this fantastic art available."
Derick R. US

"The .mpeg file's quality is very good, thank you very much
I already bought :
- Yao Chengguang' s correspondance course, part 3 and 4
- Li Zhaoshan's 3 e-books and .rm video files.
You do a great job."
Best regards,
Emmanuel G. France

Free Yiquan Video: Samples of Three Legendary Warriors(MPG files)
Free Yiquan Video: Samples of The Essence of Combat in Yiquan (RM files)
Free Yiquan Video: Samples of Yiquan's Contradictives Forces
Free Yiquan Video: Samples of Dachengquan Duanshou

Tao of Yi Chuan
Li Jian Yu exposes his method of Yiquan
Self healing
Massage using Internal Power developed in Yiquan
Stretching tendons
Reaching uncommon abili- ties of joints elasticity
Zhan Zhuang Search of Wu by Yu Yong Niang  THE ZHAN ZHUANG REFERENCE on moving & non-moving training methods. The Art of Three Legendary Warriors
by Yao Wang Sawai. See them as live demonstrating at their highest level
The Essence of Combat in Yiquan by Li Quanyou Insisting on techniques deriving from PAKUA and HSING YI
Yiquan: Martial art of contradiction forces
Video & Ebook by Wang Yong Xiang. Useful tips and shortcuts to train whole body & 6 dir. power
The most deadly combat techniques of Dacheng
by Li Zhaoshan
Video & Ebook specific for Yiquan decisive combat applications
The Reference Book  of Authentic Healing Da- chengquan by Li Zhaoshan includes Healing Posts, therapies, Healing dance and Gongli Massages.
Fundamentals Dacheng. by Li Zhaoshan. Latest concepts and tutorials of Dachengquan to develop step by step internal martial power & skills. Yao Zongxun's Yiquan by Yao Chengguang The most complete Yiquan(Yi Chuan) correspondence course ever published (4 Vol.)cover all aspects of Yiquan. The Wonder of Yiquan by Andy Peng, disciple of Li Jianyu, most recent research on Yiquan, "yinian" with scientific theories and facts.
Tips for combat

Attack technique
Active offensive (Part 1) 

Eight frequently used fighting ways in Yiquan

Previous articles
more testimonials

The Founder Great Master Wang Xiang Zhai (1887-1963)
Greatmaster Wang Xiang Zhai was born in 1885 in Hebei province of China, near Beijing. Due to sicknesses he suffered as a child, he was lead to the great Xing Yi boxer Guo Yun Shen to teach him exercises that would improve his health. Wang was diligent and dedicated student. In fact, Guo was so impressed with Wang that he selected him as the preferred student and taught him all his secrets.[Guo Yun Shen already in an advanced age, was very strict in the training of the young Wang.
Even Grand Master Yu Yong Nian often remembers to his students one story which happens to Wang while studying with his Master Guo - More
Master Yao Zongxun (1917-1985)
Yao Zongxun was the student of the well-known Beijing martial artist Hong Lianshun, until Hong had a match with Wang Xiangzhai when Yao was only nineteen. Hong was defeated, and on this occasion both teacher and student became Wang¡¯s disciples.
Yao had uncommon stamina and spirit, after overcoming hard training with his Master Wang Xiangzhai, he eventually began to replace Wang Xiangzhai for challenges taking place in Beijing: contributing to propagate the legend of undefeatable Da Cheng Quan. In 1941 he received the title of ¡°Ji Xian¡± (Heir of Xian) from Wang Xiangzhai himself, and confirmed in all his challenge his reputation of second generation Head Master of Yiquan(Yi Chuan).- More

Yao Chengguang (born in 1953)
The twin brothers Yao Chengguang and Yao Chengrong were born in 1953. At age of 8 they started learning yiquan(Yi Chuan) from their father Yao Zongxun, and continued it even in the hard time of Cultural Revolution (1966-1976), when whole family had to leave Beijing and work in the country. Most of Yao Zongxun's students lost opportunity of learning from him for some years. Fortunately his sons could learn from him even then. They worked together as horse herd in the grassland close to mountains (Changping area in Hebei Province). They continued training although they suffered from hunger and cold.- More

Li Jian(g) Yu Great Master of Yiquan Healing and his disciple Andi Peng

Li Jianyu was born in 1924 in Beiping (present Beijing), at the age of 6 he started to learn martial arts with Tang Fengting, a famous master of Xingyi in the South of the city, instead of his young age he was able to maintain constant efforts in his martial studies, walking everyday several kilometers from his home to his teacher¡¯s home and this during ten years,- More
  Wang Binkui's lineage: his two sons Wang Yongxiang (born in 1947) and Wang Yongli (born in 1949)
belong to family quite famous for their traditional roots involved in Martial Arts. When they were young they followed their father Wang Binkui, Master Yao Zhongxun, and Master Li Yongzong to practice Yiquan(Yi Chuan), and have been practicing Yiquan for nearly 30 years, researching and improving their martial techniques, and deepening their knowledge of an authentic boxing, adapted to real combat. - More
Master Wang Jinming

Disciple of Yao Zongxun, is an active coach in Yiquan, several Yiquan schools in China recognized affiliation with his teachings. In addition his personality has lead to close relationship with Yiquan personalities such as Wang Xuanjie (who stand also with Yao Zongxun) and also Martial arts circle such as The Shaolin Monastery of Fujian
Master Zhang Zhengzhong (1924-2001)
Mr. Zhang Zhengzhong is also called Zhangzhong, belonging to the Chinese Han ethnic group. Born in Xincheng county of Hebei province, and after moved to Beijing. He was born in Mar. 10, 1924 (lunar calendar, solar calendar is Apr. 13), graduated from Beiping(ancient name of Beijing) private school Si Cun middle school, than later in University he continued his studies in philosophy. From his childhood, Zhenghong is really fond of sports, and then drift slowly his interest particularly to any boxing and wrestling sport, but still without the ability to deepen his knowledge. In 1940, - More
Presentation of Master Han Sihuang by Wu Qianhan
Mr. Han Sihuang was also called Jiyuan. He lived in Bazhou county (Hebei province). In Dec. 27, 1933 Han was born in Jinan, after his father death, has to face severe life conditions. From his childhood he appeared different from others for his wisdom and erudition, issued from miserable life conditions he nurtured a tough character, which led him later in the 1950¡¯s to pass successfully the examination for the entrance in Qinghua University, after graduation he continued successfully his career in education. After the Cultural Revolution he has already stepped into his middle age, but still he continued his efforts for further education exchange, - More
Presentation of Master Wang Xuanjie
Wang Xuanjie (1938.1.20-2000.3.16) was born in Beijing and from an early age took to the practice of martial arts. Apart from studying under several accomplished masters including famous wrestler Xiong Dehan, he also sought guidance in meditation from Buddhist and Taoist monks in Beijing, finally taking up he practice of Da Chengquan under its founder Wang Xiangzhai and later his successor Yao Zongxun. From this strong basis and his outstanding fighting abilities he won a worldwide popularity representing Dachengquan and more generally Chinese Internal Arts. He used to hold the functions of Senior Advisor in the Chinese Academia of Calligraphic Arts, - More
Presentation of Master Li Zhaoshan
Li Zhaoshan was born in Henan County in 1955, he studied martial arts since his childhood, he started with Wang Anping to study zhan zhuang (Pole standing) and The Five Elements Kungfu, then later he was accepted as the official disciple of the Yiquan Master Wang Xuanjie, especially famous for his abilities in real combat. Li studied traditional Dachenquan under his tutelage.
From gathering the essence of Chinese martial arts, Li focused on healing and health preservation but also in the pedagogic aspects of Dachengquan. - More
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