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Mr. Feng Hongcan is a TCM practitioner. Born in Dan Dong of Liao Ning Province, he grew up in a family known for Chinese Traditional Medicine and Martial arts. He studied directly under Mr. Wang Xiangzhai as a close disciple and later with the well-known  "Dachengquan fighting  expert"  Mr. Wang Xuanjie. He is particularly interested in the martial aspect of each discipline he mastered and has taught more than one thousand students from China and abroad. Besides Dachengquan,  Feng teaches also Xingyiquan, Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Mi Zhong Boxing, Chinese wrestling, etc… Feng is regularly invited to give martial arts seminars in colleges and universities. He was appointed Vice-Chairman of the Wushu Association of Henan Province, Honorary President of Nanyang Normal University Taijiquan Association, Director of the Department of Henan Institute of Buddhism & martial arts… Feng Hongcan is now living in Henan province,  Nanyang city where he still teaches.

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Keeping Fist Stance & Attacking Stance
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Try Force & Cao Force
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Standing stance & life preservation (1)
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Standing stance & life preservation (2)
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Here's What Others Say  about "Dachengquan by Feng Hongcan" Complete Collection 4 DVDs 

"A synthesis of Chinese internal martial arts centered in Yiquan" by Yvan P. - Moscow (Russia)

***Please do not underestimate the contents of Feng Honcan DVDs on Dachengquan ***, if his movements  by themselves may not be as impressive as some of other experts may offer  but Feng gives us some real key details which will definitively modify one’s own  appreciation of Dachengquan. Moreover it will be often in comparison with other internal martial arts such as Xingyiquan and Baguazhang.
He will teach stance with explanations referring to Xingyiquan and how Wang Xiangzhai modified them into its modern form. He goes beyond simply showing the stance but explains the essential ideas which help later the practitioners in pushing hands and free fighting:
For Example: the Dragon shape stance as an advanced practiced rarely presented by other experts but giving us the higher level application of Dachengquan stances:  here you’ll appreciate how different it is from the generally presented all-around stance.. 

"Feng Hong C. and his Dachengquan" by Sur R.B.  - Bruxels (Belgium) 

Among my special preference in the contents of his DVDS:the foot step. Feng gives us also another invaluable detail explanation in “mocabu “ or mud stepping  making his footwork explanation unique: the special body work requested when both feet are regrouping within all the stepping process.,
These 4 DVDs are not specially for the beginner level in Yiquan/Dachengquan but  rather for the intermediate level and over, otherwise many may not be able to appreciate and capture efficiently the important details provided by Feng all along the videos. As "Yvan" said: do not take lightly his contents frequently referencing to Xinqyiquan and Baguazhang which are further guarantees of well thought details to help practitioners of all levels to deepen their Yiquan knowledge and practice. 


Details of the each set included in "Dachengquan" Complete Collection 4 DVDs  by Feng Hongcan.....

DVD 1: Keeping Fist Stance & Attacking Stance

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This DVD shows the different stances of Yi Quan but also explains the fine point of the life preservationstance and the attacking stance. Feng gives a lot of important details concerning fighting aspects andhealth applications. A certain focus is on the HunYuan stance (Universal Post).
 he unfolds progressively major stances posts such as Bear, Dragon, Independent, Holding, Walking, Swing, Tiger, Horse...

Artist: Feng Hongcan
Media: 1 (one) x DVDs converted into 1 (one) avi video file without quality loss.
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitle: English
Duration: 40 mins
DVD 2: Try Force & Cao Force

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This second in the series concentrates on the DaCheng approach to the issuing force. He shows the most common but also more detailed and advanced methods of trying force (Testing Force).
He explains the principles of the various forces by recalling their earlier existence from Xing Yi Quan.
He also shows applications of this issuing force with various fists: Cao Fist, Cannon Fist, Crosscut Fist, Chop Fist...
and he always provides detailed instructions.

Artist: Feng Hongcan
Media: 1 (one) x DVDs converted into 1 (one) avi video file without quality loss.
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitle: English
Duration: 43 mins
DVD 3 & 4: Standing stance & life preservation (1) & (2)

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These TWO DVDS starts with an explanation of Da Cheng Quan Push Hands and its dynamic approach.

DVD3: Feng introduces very progressively his Dual-Partner training methods. They start with almost static push hands than progressively include steps and various other variations/progression.
Single hand pushing is also very useful to strengthen stance and develop waist skills.
Next we have the free steps known by many people as Vivacious Dance or Health Dance (Jian Wu).
This gives the large movements normally supplied by forms yet not drifting far from Da Cheng’s central theme of spontaneity.
Feng explains very carefully the insights of actual combat with the Da Cheng system.
He gives a lot of advice. Life preserving and stance training is following (similar to information in #1).

DVD4: it emphasizes life preserving stances and curing techniques where additional exercises are explained in order to complete
the effectiveness of Dachengquan exercises for health recovery and enhancement.

Artist: Feng Hongcan
Media: 2 (two) x DVDs converted into 2 (two) avi video file without quality loss.
Soundtrack: Chinese
Subtitle: English
Duration: 43 mins + 39 mns

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Dachengquan by Feng Hongcan:
 Complete Collection 4 DVDs in video file format

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