THE WONDER OF YIQUAN - A shortcut to developing Physical Potentials

This ebook is among the very rare one which reveals interesting deeds done by Wang Xiangzhai, the creator of Yiquan and his successor Yao Zongxun and beside introducing the specific Yiquan training methods of pile standing, feeling energy, producing sound, rubbing steps, issuing energy, pushing hands and actual gives interesting training methods of how to develop different physical potentials in different yinian activities and how to apply them in combat.

His research conducted with a scientific approach increases the impact of this book for those who are willing to understand further the process of issuing force for example.In terms of health improvement, the pile standing exercise has been practiced by thousands of people since publications appeared on Zhan zhuang in the 1950s.

It has a widely know effect on diseases like arthritis, coronary heart, hepatitis, cramp, impotence, neuritis, asthma, etc...
In addition, the author, Andy Peng, introduces in detail his experience of treating diseases with a view to showing the role of Yiquan in developing physical potentials.

250,000 words, more than 210 illustrations. Acrobat pdf file.


"Andy Peng gives us a very good insight on Yiquan and Wang Xiangzhai. In fact if I had it earlier it would have really save me a lot of time from jumping from books, articles, web pages whatever...concerning Yiquan background. His theories on issuing energy are courageous, I hope we'll see further development of them. More photos would be better but the written contents worth it."
--- Ricardo D. Italy - August 2004

"I like this e-book, for the complete view on Yiquan, Peng's method of using "yinian" in Yiquan it is for me a good complementary of Yao's course. Thanks' to Andy Peng, I feel that I know more than before standard, zhan zhuang and shili. It gave a new dimension in my understanding of Yiquan."
--- Franck B.T.  Spain C July 2004

THE WONDER OF YIQUAN - A shortcut to developing Physical Potentials


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THE WONDER OF YIQUAN - A shortcut to developing Physical Potentials

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