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Yi Quan DVD no 3 
Applying Force of Yi Quan
Free sparring in Yi Quan
by Bo Jiacong  - President of Beijing Yiquan Research Institute

Applying Force in Yiquan
Fali (Applying Force) or also called "Issuing Power" is a major issue in Chinese Boxing as it will condition how decisive will be your attack or counterattack.
As an advanced exercise it requested the mastery of previous types of exercices such as Stake, Try Force and Footwork.
General requirements of Applying Force: Explosive movements followed by immediate calmness.

Free sparring in Yi Quan
Free sparring in Chinese is called "San Shou" meaning litterally "Separating Hands" (in opposition to Tuishou - "Sticking Hands"), this is final stage of
training where practitioner can demonstrate their overall skills, as the "platform" where any external observer can valid one's real achievement in boxing.
Free sparring focuses on emty handed competition. The general requirements to be respected within Free Sparring:
1. Even within Sparring continue to observe and nuture one's internal power,
2. Maintain as permanently as possible a Whole Body Power,
3. Combine attack and defense in each movement,
4. Protect your central line and attack your opponent's one,
5. Practice it continuously even while walking, standing or lying.  

"Imagine that you are near some poisonous snakes or other predators" Wang Xiang Zhai
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Bo JIA CONG - YI QUAN - DVD No3 - videos files
Total duration: about 126 mn - English subtitles. DVD quality.  

Jia Cong is explaining and demonstrating during each exercice.

Video contents:

Applying Force in Yiquan:
Introduction to Fali
Frontal Applying Force (T-Eight step, Applying Force and Sounding)
Descending Applying Force (T-Eight step, Moving step and Sounding)
Forward-Backward Applying Force
Side Applying Force (T-Eight step, Applying Force and Sounding)
Obliquely Hanging Applying Force
Twisting Holding Applying Force
Back Applying Force
Knee Applying Force
Foot Applying Force (front, side)
Head Chest Applying Force

Free Sparring of Yi Quan:

Theorie of Free sparring - Internal power
Attack defense (including versus Qinna aplications)
Fundamental Fist techniques:
    Not straight (straight) fist,
    Drilling fist (upward),
    Plunging fist (downward),
    Fist combination
Fundamental Palm techniques
    Not straight (straight) palm,
    Slapping palm.
    Half step
Horizontal and vertical collision
Foot pointing
Cutting kick
Ghost cutting hands
Robbing step training


"As a women most interested in body conditionning that in combat I found in the A. Force exercises still new horizons to my general power development even not for pure combat but as an extesion of sensation that I started to obtain in Yoga practice. Master Bo makes some very good insights in unexplored body power potential and should be even extended beyond Dacheng. Moreover even for healing aspect, Applying power brings the student to a higher level of demands thus greater health results can be expected too."
Murielle G. - Yoga Teacher - Toulouse

"The Free Sparring of Yiquan presents a quite good general overview of Dachengquan Sanshou, at least the specific aspects of its training but, I blieve myself that there are still other exercises requested and could belong to a kind of common physical back ground for any real fighter such as cardio training which is often or even mostly occulted in Chinese Martial Arts litterature and replaced by Qi or "natural breathing"... But still this DVD has interesting infos about Yiquan Combat."
T. Wong.  - Calgary

Bo Jia Cong - Yi Quan Pack - DVD no 1 , DVD no2  & DVD no3  (avi files)

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Bo Jia Cong - Yi Quan Pack - DVD no 1 , DVD no2  & DVD no3: Video files
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