Dachengquan (Yiquan) active attacking technique (Part 1)

Writer: Li Zhaoshan, Lu Wei

In Martial Arts timing and speed are among the most important parameters to win in combat or in war, accordingly to <Sun Zi's Art of war> XI.19 THE NINE SITUATIONS -  "Rapidity is the essence of war:  take advantage of the enemy's unreadiness, make your way by unexpected routes,and attack unguarded spots."
Dachengquan¡¯s active attacks focuses on ¡°strike where the enemy is unprepared, when he is not expecting, with celerity and anticipation, let your opponent feel impossible to defend himself effectively. This active attacking technique basic is Dan Cao Shou (single holding hand) but also other attacking combination deriving from it: when it happens that one technique do not have the expecting result, it is urging for you to switch to another technique, chaining attack after attack without stopping.

1. Chop, slap and hit liver
Use right palm to chop obliquely opponent¡¯s face, and then opponent uses left forearm to block; while my upper body is slightly dodging backward, right arm follows the opponent, using its outside part sliding and brushing his arm, then use your right hand's back of palm to slap opponent's right side of neck or root of ear, as a resulting your opponent is dodging rightward-backward, twist rapidly your waist and turn hip rightward, your left palm changes into fist and  strike forward your opponent's liver and rib position. (Fig. 1, 2, 3)
2. Kick crotch and collapse bell
Use right foot to kick your opponent's crotch, and at the same time, your two palms rising, if opponent steps back and dodges his body, immediately after your right foot has reached the ground, chain with a stamping step, where you should use two palms to strike your opponent's face, then when your opponent is blocking, turn your body rightward, and your left palm chopping rightward to opponent¡¯s neck, right palm changes into fist, again with a damaging punch strike suddenly  your opponent belly (Fig. 4, 5, 6).
3. Double chopping  and strike face
With your front hand  to initiate a chopping movement to your opponent¡¯s face, your opponent uses right arm to block, with your right wrist continuously hooking-pulling your opponent's right arm, again use reverse chopping punch to strike separately  opponent; if your opponent withdraw his  left foot dodge, move rapidly forward for half step, your left palm changes into fist and strikes forward on opponent¡¯s head, my left fist withdraws a same time, and right palm change fist strike opponent¡¯s face (Fig. 7, 8, 9).
4. Strike, beat and bump
Your left fist is striking right side of opponent¡¯s head, and then opponent uses his right forearm top/down to press your left arm,  use again right fist to strike the left side of opponent¡¯s head, the opponent uses outside of left wrist to block, then your two fists change into palms to beat forward opponent's heart, if opponent withdraws, follow him rapidly with forward stamping step, two palms are suddenly bumping on opponent's ribs (Fig. 10, 11, 12)
5. Smash, kick, drill and stick your foot
Use your right arm to smash suddenly  in reverse your opponent¡¯s face, and opponent uses his right arm to block, your right arm is pulling downward your opponent's right arm, and at the same time, right foot is suddenly kicking opponent's crotch; then opponent is making half step leftward with his body dodging leftward, when your right foot is reaching ground it should be outside his guard and slightly backward his right foot, then use your right fist into a drilling/striking attack while your right leg should stick to opponent's right leg backward, as a result he will fall down.
6. Sweep horizontally and sudden kick
Use right palm or right horizontal fist to sweep opponent¡¯s neck, then opponent is dodging body leftward and rising his right forearm to block your right arm; your left palm is sweep in his turn your opponent¡¯s face from left to right, the opponent is slightly dodging his body backward, and uses his right forearm to block, then your two wrists press opponent's two arms, at the same time, with your weight moves to right hip, lift your left foot and kick suddenly your opponent¡¯s crotch (Fig. 16, 17, 18).