Yiquan Classics Video: The Art of Three Legendary Warriors - Yao Zongxun, Wang Xuanjie & Kenichi Sawai and their closest disciples

The Art of Three Legendary Warriors - Yao Zongxun, Wang Xuanjie & Kenichi Sawai and their closest disciples (mpg files)

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This collection of  Top Yiquan experts videos originated  from the 80's and 90's constitutes an  important source of reference for any serious practitioner eager to visualize the abilities and techniques of these direct disciples of Wang Xiangzhai the founder of Yiquan Dachengquan.

In the 80's if the level of image technology cannot compared with present high definition movies, the content of these videos are however still a vivid testimonial of the level of these Three Warriors: Yao Zongxun. Wang Xuanjie and Kenichi Sawai. Each of them had hardly defend a reputation of warrior during all his life, but also was great teacher whose infuences can still be perceived these days.

For beginners and intermediate Yiquan adepts there are so many questions, doubts and uncertainties which will be alleviated by just viewing them for example:
- what is level of relaxation to be attained during post standing, shili, fali exercises,
- what is whole body integration embedded in each movement,
- what is a REAL explosive power of Yiquan in opposition to many "fake" demonstrations (becoming more and more popular for marketing  issues of course) ...

YAO ZONGXUN video: Divided into three parts. Legacy, life, skills and inheritors.
Total duration: 55 mn - English subtitle. 

Zongxun: 2nd generation Yiquan Inheritor - Part1 (22mn49s).
In the beginning of first part, this video presents Yiquan's evolution from Wang Xiangzhai to Yao Zongxun, how Wang has officially
designated Yao as his inheritor, some excerpts taken from his daily practice and also his most talented students: his twin sons Yao Chengguang and Yao Chengrong.
Then Yao performs some selected techniques which are demonstrated in an order of gradual difficulty:
- Healing posts: Even step supporting embracing post, E.S. resting pressing post, E.S. descending embracing post, E.S. pushing lifting post, E.S. lifting embracing post.
- Combat posts (normal step): Universal post, Even embracing post, Expanding supporting post, Hooking pulling post, taming tiger post,
- Combat posts (large step): Large step even embracing post, Large step universal post, Large step expanding lifting post.
- Specific posts: Impeding bird from flying post, various styles of single leg posts...
- Fixed step Testing force: Hooking pulling Testing Force, Holding pressing ball T.F., Divine turtle Emerging From Waters T.F., Parting pulling T.F., Direct Splitting T.F., Backward downward T.F.,
- Steps: Fixed step mocabu, Walking step mocabu,
- Testing force with steps: Hooking pulling, Separating pulling, Divine Turtle Emerging From Waters, Holding pressing ball,
- Fixed step issuing force: Even step - Side splitting, T-eight Side splitting, Backward downward,
- Issuing force with steps: Forward, backward downward, Holding pressing ball,
- Fixed step Fist issuing force and finally Fist issuing force with steps.
 This first part is interesting for a double purpose:
- power isssuing from a whole unified body from non moving to moving exercises,
- interesting selection of Yiquan most important exercises such as Divine Turtle practiced according different levels of difficulties.
 Yao Zongxun: 2nd generation Yiquan Inheritor - Part2 (20mn12s).
In this second part, Yao performs first Jianwu or "Healing dance" as a synthesis of his understanding of Yiquan and internal martial arts, these images are true testimonials of how relaxed whose his body while able to issue power in any direction and in any posture, this is really 2mn23s or true enjoyment to watch it.
Later following videos are dedicated to Yiquan Long stick practice by Yao Zongxun, incarnating the fact that once one's body has reached a level of body unification and nerve excitation optimization: weapon becomes just as an extension of one's arm.
The last section of this part 2 is decicated to pushing hands. yao is demonstrating pushing hands with his senior students such as Li Jianyu (who studied also directly with Wang Xiangzhai himself) we can see how easily Yao is overcoming his partner even each of them had already an advanced level in Yiquan. 
Zongxun: 2nd generation Yiquan Inheritor - Part3 (13mn39s).
More about Yiquan pushing hands: Yao is performing with several top students including his twins sons Double pushing hands with issuing force.
More about issuing force techniques: Drilling Fist issuing force.
An interesting practice of Duanshou, demonstrating his fluidity, balancing substantial and unsubstantial, making his attack hardly predictable and keeping constantly control of the combat situation.
His inheritors: Training session of his two sons Yao Chengguang and Yao Chengrong practicing post, steps, testing force, impact training on sandbag, sparring between two sons...

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WANG XUANJIE: Divided into 13 parts, describing in detail his method of training and favorite techniques.
Total duration: 57mn - English subtitle.

Any practitioner who read once his books will enjoy watching his video where he materializes most of his methods largely written on books. These 13 parts constitute a good sump up of his method, all scheduled in a comprehensive pace, as a result this can be a helpful material for any practitioner to practice with and set up his daily program.
Part1 (2mn06s): Introduction - Maybe the less interesting, an overview of yiquan taught by Wang in the 80's and in China, at least we can see like an historical documentary.
Part2 (5mn37s): Healing post standing - This material was so many times to illustrate Yiquan books but rarely offered as a complete video sequence.  Focusing on lying posts, sitting posts and standing post. Local mind activity and whole mind activity.
Part3 (9mn03s): Combat post standing - Contradiction, Nursing baby, Preventing bird from flying, Landing dragon, Ziwu...
Part4 (8mn34s): Six Testing force -  Wave, Flag in the wind, Snake entwining hand, Transforming palm etc...
Part5 (1mn12): Testing voice - Basic instructions to train issuing voice
Part6 (4mn45s):  Basic instructions for Single and Double Pushing hands, performed by two students.
Part7 (5mn45s): Three methods of steps with gradual difficulty - Friction - Triangle and Rooster
Part8 (6mn54s): Combining issuing force and testing voice: five elements fists.
Part9 (5mn30s): Combining issuing force and testing voice: five animal forms.
Part10 (2mn05): Issuing force (Fali) with fixed steps
Part11 (1mn08s): Jianwu (Healing Dance) performed by Wang Xuanjie with all his suppleness and evasive steps but able to issue power in any angle, some will recognize the influence of Pakua boxing in his Jianwu...
Part 12 (3mn23s): After a general introduction of sparring preparation training: Solo training - Five predetermined sparring examples.
Part13 (2mn26s): As a synthesis of his Yiquan approach, Wang Xuanjie is performing series of Yiquan exercises linking them with extreme dexterity and illustrating by his movements his Dachengquan method.

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KENICHI SAWAI: The soul of Taikiken - Divided in three parts C Synthesis of Chinese and Japanese martial arts
Total duration: 42mn C English subtitle

Having already mastered various Japanese budo styles, Sawai was the first non Chinese to access to Yiquan and moreover directly from Wang Xiangzhai himself. His reputation of warrior was well established and there are even some saying the redoubtable Karateka Mas Oyama was even defeated by him and then took secretly lessons with him. In any case his constant vitality and mental alertness even after 80 as we can see in the video is also testimony of his great achievement in martial arts.

Unlike the two previous videos, this one video presents less material directly from SAWAI himself but more as a tribute to SAWAI and his method of combat from one of his closest disciple Iwama Norimasa.
Combat training includes weapons training such as knife, sword or stick.

 - Part1(18mn36s): Start with some preeminent practical aspect of Sawais training:
 Yiquan Da Quan attacking techniques (palms and fists), pushing hands, impact training on trees and sandbag,
  Defense training in front of empty handed or armed (knife, sword)
Sparring/randori a blend of Japanese/Chinese combat style integrating more kicks than in traditional Yiquan sparring.
- Part2 (11mn51s): Lesson of body &s step fluidity, combat application and issuing power alternating Sawai performance and Norimasa present method.
- Part3 (12mn03s): Dedicated to Taikiken steps, this video covers progressively step training: pure step at a very slow speed, testing force with steps, upper limbs defense with steps in solo exercises and with partners.

samples of videos


"I like the Jianwu by Wang and Yao, it changes from the "pseudo" Jianwu often seen in current video. Thanks to CMA to provide easy access to original form of Yiquan. I do not regret also having Sawai video, it gives a broader angle of further development of Yiquan."
Richard Chan . - 

"Hum!! Interesting to see Yao ZongX so relaxed in his testing F. and Issuing F., I hesitated to buy it since a long time as I saw some small portions but your package collection makes me decide rapidly and I am happy to have them now. "
Maurice G. West Indies

The Art of Three Warriors - Yao Zongxun, Wang Xuanjie & Kenichi Sawai and their closest disciples

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