New section in CMA¡¯s Yiquan web site: AUTHENTIC YIQUAN VIDEO

In the same line that we are offering exclusive e-books with the most relevant documents on the market, CMA is enhancing his materials with downloadable videos including English subtitles.

We are offering free samples of each video tutorial presented by CMC

A lot of our students are asking for video materials to view directly how these great experts are actually performing: this is precisely the aim of this new section. Providing the most relevant video documents for further understanding and learning of this great martial art Yiquan.

Note: The size of each video file may be slightly larger than e-book file sizes, so that you may in some circumstances have to download it more several time if it is not successful the during the first download.

However every material has its contents separated into multiples videos documents which will never exceed 15 MB.

Free MPEG videoclips on Yiquan


NEW!!! exclusive downloadable video on Yiquan

Dachengquan Duanshou's most deadly fighting methods
(Video file)

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