by Wang Yongxiang


This book is part of the complete package of Wang Yong Xiang materials which includes also the video by the same author.

Yiquan: The Martial art of Contradiction ¨C The Book (60 pages with color pictures):

It is a condensed material not focusing on long discussion or description but rather concrete and as most synthetic as Wang Yongxiang perceived Yiquan and how it should be trained.

We can appreciate his efforts in clarifying the general understanding of Yiquan, from the theoretical point of view (major theoretical articles included) but especially redesigning the whole Yiquan¡¯s training program according to what he calls the ¡°contradictive internal and external forces¡±.

After Wang Xiangzhai and Dr. Yu Yongnian, he is the only one who is rooting the essence of his method on the principle of contradiction.

The Book is the indispensable complement of his Video set as it fills some theoretical principles and explanations which are underlying his performance.

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¡°Even after the explanations of Andi Peng in "The Wonder of Yiquan", here Newton Law and Biodynamics principles are convincing introduced in this book and give a real new light in the issuing force process that do not find anywhere else, thanks to Wang.¡±
Claus K. ¨C

 ¡°I bought a lot of books and methods including Yao CG¡¯s but this one gives an interesting explanation how to design a shorter but effective training of universal combat post especially for ordinary people you can train more than one hour like me. It simplifies and goes right on the subject: from shili back to combat post. I feel already my progress. ¡±
Hector B. -

¡°Very clear and new explanation of Yiquan, the explanation of gravitation and reactive force is really enlightening. I was waiting for this further steps in scientific explanations.¡±
Paul G. -


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