Yiquan's Contradictive Stretching Forces
by Wang Yongxiang
Video version

Yiquan's Contradictive Stretching Forces - My complete internal & external system - Wang Yongxiang

This video is part of the complete package of Wang Yong Xiang materials which includes also the book by the same author. 

More and more Yiquan practitioners have some difficulties to select the most suitable techniques among all those existing while pursuing better health but especially gaining more explosive power.
Wang Yongxian*s Yiquan system may be an alternative system to them: from developing the concept of ※stretching forces§ he presents a convincing theoretical but also practical synthesis of Yiquan training.
While walking through his method every student will recognize the application oriented Yiquan method that he created: shorter list of synthetic Yiquan exercises but succeeding in a comprehensive order # very useful for any serious Yiquan practitioner#.
Many students who trained first with Yao's system find it very interesting in working his six directions testing forces especially with his special focus of training one*s sole.
Others are more attracted by this idea of ※first train internal than train external§ included in Wang's method or the link that Wang makes with Qi Gong through the use of dantian in his method. 

This collection is the exclusive English material covering his four decades of research and experience on Yiquan. 

All his works are condensed in this special set including:

- My complete internal & external system 每 The Video: Contradictive stretching forces
           *  Part I - Specific warm Up & Healing Posts.
           *  Part II -Internal and external training of contradictive stretching and issuing forces.
           *  Part III 每 Preparation to Yiquan Duanshou and Healing form.
           see samples of video

- My complete internal & external system 每 The book:
          *  Yiquan: The martial art of Contradiction.
            see E-book

Yiquan Internal and external system 每 Part I 每 Specific warm Up & Healing Posts 每 (48mn 5s)
Chapter 1: General introduction and Specific warm up exercises (11mn42s)
- Several warm up exercises: Another distinctive point of Wang*s method is the very special warm up that he includes in his training program focusing on the hips, waist and shoulders. Some may just view them like mild exercises but experienced practitioners will find them definitively useful to improve a ※whole integrated body§.
Chapter 2: Post standing (24mn02s)
Healing post: Embracing/Expanding post, Even lifting post, Circling lifting post, Pressing down post, Lifting/sticking fingers post, Double side even lifting post, Double side pressing post.
Chapter 3: Sitting post (12mn21s)
Presentation of Even lifting sitting post
Chapter 4: ※Learn with me§.
Wang Yongxian is performing a complete warm up session before performing different standing and sitting posts, in such speed that any student can follow easily.

 Yiquan Internal and external system 每 Part II 每 Internal and external training of contradictive stretching and issuing forces (55mn 28s)
Chapter1: General Introduction (20mn28s)
Wang Yongxiang is explaining with concrete analogies the fundamental principles underlying the very specific forces in Yiquan what he calls ※stretching forces§. But also how it will transform progressively into ※martial power§ of an accomplished adept.
Chapter 2: Internal training of contradictive stretching force: Rolling water and Forward /backward testing forces
- In explaining ※Rolling water testing force§, Wang presents in detail not only the exercise itself but also what he considers as one secret technique embedded in it to develop ※rooting§ which is a prime condition for later issuing force.
- In Forward/backward testing force, further explanation of developing stretching forces in forward/backward as the first step of achieving six directions forces. Here again Wang some interesting practical analogies to help any student to understand stretching forces.

Chapter 3: Internal training of contradictive stretching force: upward/downward & leftward/right ward testing forces (13mn39)
All the details of these two upward/downward and leftward/rightward testing forces which are synthesizing many other Yiquan testing forces exercises and Wang continues to develop the lower limbs/sole training within these exercises. At the end Wang is presenting the combination of the six directions testing force.
Chapter 4: External training of stretching forces (21mn21s)
Wang presents here the further step of training testing forces as he calls ※external aspect§ with additional details of training involving more specific mental activity for each direction selected.
Chapter 5: Issuing force
This chapter is most appreciated as it deals about issuing force. Wang presents it very clearly and makes it most accessible than a lot of literature on this subject. He combines finally within one movement all internal processes, including use of dantian and external processes presented previously.

 Yiquan Internal and external system - Part III 每 Preparation to Yiquan Duanshou and Healing form (45mn)
Chapter 1: Divine turtle emerging from water & pushing hands (15mn11s)
As another example of direct application of each exercise presented: From Divine turtle emerging from water exercise Wang introduces Yiquan*s pushing hands. A vivid presentation of steps, mid-line strategy, wrapping hands and other techniques used in single and double pushing hands.

Chapter 2: Six fixed step fist techniques
The author is presenting his main fist techniques:
1) straight fist, 2)wrapping fist upward, 3) downward fist, 4) horizontal swaying fist, 5) embracing hand slap, 6) interlink horse

Chapter 3: Preparation for Duanshou (sparring) (14mn52s)
Details on various useful techniques in preparation to duanshou:
- Piercing crotch kick (the only kicking technique) selected by Wang,
- Previous fist techniques but now with sliding steps,
- Friction steps,
- Worm step,
- Calling hands issuing force,
- Predefined duanshou training.

Chapter 4: Jianwu or Health Dance and additional preparative training (14mn57s)
- In addition to the principles of Jianwu, Wang is explaining some of his secret techniques such as
Patting ball, different issuing force techniques, snake technique, etc#
further strategies in pushing hands (opponent*s weakness detection, mid-line#)
mental activity for combat preparation.

    samples of videos


※I was looking for Wang's video since you mention it on the web and now I am happy to have it. Honestly speaking the image can be better if it comes from a DVD but the quality is still OK and again it is really giving a kind of shortcut in the training program.
Marvin K. 每

 I am very impressed by your new download links for such large files, I got them very fast. I believe that Wang got it. The martial power. Now I can visualize it!!! It is not any magical or any kind of strange stuff ... but practical and effective. And what I like is that he tries his best to explain it on the clips. ※I was trying to issue force on my plants before, but now i use my belt (see the vid you'll understand). Good ideas on push hands. After 6 years of shili, the foot story is great: now I know how to go further...§
Claude S. -

 ※I wanna say: I was first deceived by the quality of the video but the book and the contents worth it finally: the warm up and fist techniques were the important missing chain in my understanding of Dacheng. Thanks to CMA to select me to revise this material.
Paul G. -

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