Master Yao Zongxun (1917-1985)
Yao Zongxun was the student of the well-known Beijing martial artist Hong Lianshun, until Hong had a match with Wang Xiangzhai when Yao was only nineteen. Hong was defeated, and on this occasion both teacher and student became Wang¡¯s disciples. More
Yao had uncommon stamina and spirit, after overcoming hard training with his Master Wang Xiangzhai, he eventually began to replace Wang Xiangzhai for challenges taking place in Beijing: contributing to propagate the legend of undefeatable Da Cheng Quan. In 1941 he received the title of ¡°Ji Xian¡± (Heir of Xian) from Wang Xiangzhai himself, and confirmed in all his challenge his reputation of second generation Head Master of Yiquan(Yi Chuan).
Later during the Cultural Revolution in China, Yao Zongxun had to move in a rural area near Beijing, called Changping, in a farming village, even in these harsh conditions, Yao never neglected his training and research on martial arts.
After the Cultural Revolution Yao returned to Beijing, and start slowly to spread the art of Yiquan(Yi Chuan).
In 1984 he established the Beijing Yi Quan(Yi Chuan) Martial Arts Association, and was the its first President.
In his later year he devoted his remaining time into writing activity.
As a graduated from Beijing University in Chinese Literature, Master Yao described with a new light the principles of Yiquan(Yi Chuan) and Martial Arts, but also including scientific references in his works.
Among his most talented students, both his twin sons Yao Chengguang and Yao Chengron, bu also Cui Ruibin.

Yiquan(Yi Chuan) great master Yao Zongxun (1917-1985)



1.Mr. Yao Zongxun practicing taming tiger post
2.Mr. Yao Zongxun practicing hooking-pulling post
3.Mr. Yao Zongxun during a cudgel exercise

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