This video collection of Yiquan and Chinese Massage experts gives an interesting view of the current development of Yiquan Healing systems.

From the basis of “zhan zhuang” created by Wan Xiang Zhai, Han Pin Jin is focusing more on the healing aspects, it is especially from the “Universal Healing Post that he created his healing system with a very personal research on stretching within post standing.
According to Chinese Traditional Medicine, the balance of polarized energies Yin Yang energies stabilizes and strengthens ones health when it irradiates uniformly ones whole body, activating further blood and “Qi” circulation: this specific stretching can even reach the state of “Parting Bones” as Han Pin Jin is directly demonstrating on this video and for various joints. Han is also demonstrating some training methods created by Dr. Yu Yong Nian contraction relaxation of  “resting muscles” as an excellent internal exercise with healing benefits for common pathologies such as aching lumbar muscles.


Stretching Tendons & Parting Bones video by Han Ping Jin

Total duration 48 mn  - 2 mpeg files - English subtitle   

 Total duration: 55 mn - English subtitle.


"After ten years of ZZ practice, I was looking for a massage method to apply to myself for daily use thanks IPHMassage , it is not a revolutionary science but quite simple and practical. Yes I felt immediately after applying it a real well being in all my body. I recommend it after practicing your standing.”

Paulo S. Portugal


"It was not what I expected in the beginning but after viewing all these videos, this makes me understand a lot of things in Dachengquan Healing. Of course it is not as spectacular as fighting... I don’t care, what I needed was a simple way to shape me up and these stuffs helped me. But Parting Bones seems a quite deep extension of post standing  exercises."  

Fabrice W. French Guadeloupe


In the Traditional Chinese culture it was quite common to find high skilled experts of internal arts to be in the same TCM therapists. Dachenquan continues in this tradition as it is also generally admitted that one’s could hardly reach a top martial achievement without a solid knowledge in medicine or even a significant experience in healing.

The underlying reason of this close relationship between healing massage and Dachenquan is the  “internal power” or neigong developed through zhan zhuang exercises. As Master He Jiaqi insists in this video,  no need to a special focus on any acu-point as in standard TCM massage, here it is the internal power which is used to stimulate or more precisely to readjust energetic circulation throughout the body.

As a result, this “Internal Power Healing Massage” appears to be a simple, effective healing method  to be rapidly mastered. For this specific massage method the practitioner operates a direct manual pressing on the five main parts of his body (head, trunk, four limbs) .


Internal Power Healing Massage  video by He Jiaqi including head, trunk, limbs auto-massage

Total duration: 48mn  - 2 mpeg files  - English subtitle

Yiquan Classics Video: Healing Dachengquan Systems Collection

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