Yiquan(Yi Chuan) master Han Shihuang (1933-2000)

Mr. Han Sihuang was also called Jiyuan. He lived in Bazhou county (Hebei province). In Dec. 27, 1933 Han was born in Jinan, after his father death, has to face severe life conditions. From his childhood he appeared different from others for his wisdom and erudition, issued from miserable life conditions he nurtured a tough character, which led him later in the 1950¡¯s to pass successfully the examination for the entrance in Qinghua University, after graduation he continued successfully his career in education. After the Cultural Revolution he has already stepped into his middle age, but still he continued his efforts for further education exchange, he was offered to give lectures and continue post-doctoral studies abroad. Later he returned in China, was offered by Hua Bei Water Electricity College the post of Assistant Professor. And after joining Kuomintang Revolution Committee, he progressively elevated to the post of Kuomintang Revolution Center Commissioner, Kuomintang Revolution Beijing Civic Committee Secretary-General.
Academics were not only his strong points, but he excelled also in his after-hours activities. In his life he had three passion beside his family: Reading, Chinese chess and Boxing. In boxing his teacher was Yiquan¡¯s great master Wang Xiangzhai. After Mr. Wang and Yao Zongxun deaths, he was recognized as Yiquan great master, giving conferences lectures and develop theories in many places in China but also abroad. Among his works he published a book called ¡°Yiquan¡± using scientific theories to enhance first Yiquan on the theory level, especially by using modern mechanics theory to explain Chinese Martial Arts.
During his childhood he was very weak, then when he began to practice boxing, he built up a stronger and healthier body, after a long time practice of Martial Arts (Yi Chuan) he gained a very healthy life. But unfortunately misfortune stroke him later suffer from a very serious heart disease, which will progressively affect other of his internal organs, this serious illness affecting inevitably his whole body. In Mar. 30, 2000 his heart suddenly stopped to beat, he died at the age of 67.
Among his most famous students: Li Quanyou which video material is offered in this same web site.

Han Shihuang (1933-2000)
Member of the Beijing Yiquan Wushu Association & Yiquan Research Association

Han Sihuang - Six years old (1939)
  Han Sihuang and He Luli - Beijing (1989)
Beijing 1972
From up left:Bo Jiacong,Bai Jinjia,Yang Shaogeng'Dou Shiming,ZhangZhong,Han Sihuang,Lin Wei
From down left:Yu Yongnian,Wang Yuxiang,Yao Zongxun,Bu Enfu,Si Tuzhu,Ao Shuopeng.

Han Sihuang in Moscow (1979)
In the Beijing Flagrant Hills Si Wang Government Office (Sep. 1985)
In the Beijing Flagrant Hills Si Wang Government Office practicing boxing (Sep. 1985)
Han Sihuang¡¯s family. (1964) the children from left is Han yue, Han Chao, Han Fei
From left: Han Sihuang, Yao Zongxun, Yang Shaogeng
From left: Hang Xingqiao, Wang Yuxiang, Wang Qun, Han Sihuang, Yao Zongxun
.From left: Li Jianyu, Zhu Yaoting, Zhao Huafang, Dou Shiming, Zhang Zhong, Han Sihuang standing next Wang Xiangzhai¡¯s grave. (Oct. 27, 1995)
Han Sihuang with Bai Jinjia discussing about Yichuan boxing
Han Sihuang correcting Qi Runsheng¡¯s standing posture (The summer of 1992)
From left is Yu Yongnian, Han Sihuang, Wang Shichuan, Yang Shaogeng, Huo Zhenhuan, Zhang Zhong, Zhu Yaoting
.In Han Yue home, from left is Han Hui, Han Fei, Han Chao, Han Yue, Zhang Shan

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