Introduction to Fundamentals of Dachengquan  by Li Zhaoshan
Fundamentals of Dachengquan is the first available e-book material of Li Zhaoshan's collection  which includes three different e-books as the latest updated information on Dachengquan (also called Yiquan or Yichuan) in China.
A lot of our students have asked us some more new materials on Yiquan, as an answer to their request, this English collection is in exclusivity on this site.
As a recognized disciple of Wang Xuanjie and Wang Pingan, Li Zhaoshan has synthesized his experience of Expert-instructor in Dachengquan integrating in these materials many references from his master but also from the founder Wang Xianzhai and his daughter Wang Yufang to give further insight.
Published by the University of Physical Education of Beijing, translated by the team of CMA  to assure  the most reliable interpretation in standard English.
"Fundamentals of Dachengquan" reveals valuable pedagogic and technical information which will certainly satisfy each serious practitioner of Yiquan. After revealing the fundamentals principles and training concepts for each category of techniques in Dachengquan (Seven Wonderful Domains of Techniques). He has divided in three main levels of practice as the best approach to progress methodically in this art.
Chapter I: is his brief introduction, where he explains clearly the links between Dachengquan and martial arts such as Tai Chi and Xingyiquan, but also he explains us clearly what are the five fundamentals principles which any practitioner should respect during their training (including internal strength and instinctive power) .
Chapter II: Here Li Zhaoshan presents brilliantly as a notorious coach in Dachengquan what he called the "Seven Wonderful Domains of Techniques" which include: Post standing, Testing Force, Stepping, Issuing force, Issuing voice, Pushing Hands and Sparring. And especially how each of these categories of techniques is interconnected with others and what are the rational phases of progress in theses Domains of Techniques. We have particularly appreciated the four levels of practice in Testing force and the five levels in pushing hands.
Chapter III: This the first of the three levels of training. Here are the interesting more detailed selection of canonic exercises:  Posts standing (all-round stance and Contradiction post), Testing Force (Hooking-Filing), Stepping (five kinds), Mind inducement and first hands-on with issuing force and especially six single hand techniques to be combined and used in further sparring level...
Chapter IV: is the second level of training. Here the practitioner learns to deal and to use his internal strength in each of these exercises, stepping are more advanced and we have the access to single and double pushing hands. But also the use of wrapping force exercises, ejecting and reverse ejecting secret techniques as intermediate/advanced manifestations of martial power.
Chapter V: This chapter is dedicated to the advanced student, it shows clearly the achievement of the writer Li Zhaoshan as a high caliber expert of Dachengquan, he describes convincingly advanced posts (Supporting-nursing), testing force (Snake -entwisting) ,double stretching force, secret techniques of seizing/ejecting opponents and an introduction of "no fixed posture" practice among the highest level of practice.
Chapter VI: is dedicated to Questions and answers on Dachengquan where various practical training information are given to students.
Methodically written and providing numbers of unrevealed techniques. The contents of this e-book go beyond Yiquan itself and may be also a great help for practitioners of any style of Chinese martial arts.


"I really enjoyed in participating for the translation of this book. This is a great step in the divulgation of real knowledge and the most update training concepts of Dachengquan. We took time to select our materials but this one is among the best."
--- D. Zhu - December 2004

"Terrific - Thanks for CMA to give for foreign students the access for such material, Li Zhaoshan has a very good pedagogic approach and I found many answers that make me immediately progress in my practice of Yiquan. The ejecting and reverse/ejecting techniques are superb. Thanks again."
--- Yves France C December 2009

"Very Interesting. From my point of view, among the most important contents there are the definition and instruction details on Natural and Instinctive Power, technical details on methods for controlling an opponent in pushing hands: which are often hidden (or maybe unknown) by instructors, a clear definition of techniques such as Iron cloth which everyone has dreamed. I am just a bit disappointed by the lack of color photos but BW  are still ok. Yeah I recommend this e-book.
---- Chung US  - December 2012


Fundamentals of Dachengquan - The latest update of concepts and tutorials

Translated in English. Total  377 photos B&W, 44500 words, 229220 characters.  Acrobat pdf file.

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