Introduction to The reference book of Authentic Healing Dachengquan  by Li Zhaoshan

The reference book of Authentic Healing Dachengquan is the second available e-book material of Li Zhaoshan's collection  which includes three different e-books as the latest updated information on Dachengquan (also called Yiquan or Yichuan) in China.
A lot of our students have asked us some more new materials on Yiquan, as an answer to their request, this English collection is in exclusivity on this site.
As a recognized disciple of Wang Xuanjie and Wang Pingan, Li Zhaoshan has synthesized his experience of Expert-instructor in Dachengquan integrating in these materials many references from his master but also from the founder Wang Xianzhai and his daughter Wang Yufang to give further insight.
Published by the University of Physical Education of Beijing, translated by the team of CMA  to assure  the most reliable interpretation in standard English.
"Reference book of Authentic Healing Dachengquan" is the first book published in English dedicated to the Healing aspects of Dachenquan. Li Zhaoshan has done a splendid referencing work drawing an impressive bridge between  scientific references and Chinese traditional Healing methods involved in Dachengquan. Clarifying essential characteristics of Zhan Zhuang such as "Entering Stillness" and complementary methods of "relative" relaxation to improve your practice.
This e-book presents also an interesting overview of Dachengquan major techniques through Jianwu (36 forms) all perfectly linked for a higher therapeutic impact as well as its martial applications.
The video file of the completed Jianwu performed by Li Zhaoshan is also included in the download package with the e-book. This video offers a vivid performance of high level practice of Dachengquan.
Gongli Massage is an important way of development for Yiquan Experts: in fact in China an important part as Yiquan experts are using their martial skills to cure or relieve patients. This therapeutic orientation of the skills was initiated by Wang Xiangzhai in his advanced age, and now his daughter Wang Yufang is among the most famous experts to practice it. As a traditional part of internal arts, the therapeutic aspects are also extended to the Gongli Massage where the martial power is used for a more effective method of technique of massage. This book provides the perfect link between Dachengquan and Traditional Medicine including precise maps on acupoints presented in this book.
Examples of treatment with Healing Dachengquan: Arthritis, Cardiopathy, Cardiovascular disease, Chronic hepatitis, Common cold,  Diabetes, Dysmenorrhea, Gastroptosis, Headache, Hemiplegia, Hemorrhoid, High blood pressure, Insomnia, Neck vertebra disease, Neurasthenia, Periarthritis of shoulder, Pulmonary tuberculosis, Sciatica, Scrotum eczema, Stiff neck, Waist pain...

Chapter I: A good introduction to the major issues in Healing Dachengquan and  the basic methods of training used: From Healing Post Standing, Jianwu and Gongli massage.
Chapter II: All Healing Posts are described with their specific therapeutic effects as well as the complementary mental activities to enhance benefits. Detailed checking points of your standing post are provided (Entering stillness, relaxation, Body readjustment...). But also the impact of Healing Dachengquan on different typologies of diseases and specific treating training program.
Chapter III: Dachengquan Five Elements Gongfu. Li Zhaoshan presents here the forms related to the five symbolic Forces:: Tiger, Snake, Bear, Crane and Ape. Two levels of practice are described: fixed and with steps.
Chapter IV: Dachengquan Jianwu. The origin of Jianwu and its controversy in Dachengquan circles.  Three major steps in Jianwu.  A detailed explanation of each form (36 Forms in Jianwu). Some martial applications of Jianwu.
Chapter V: Gongli Massage.  This chapter is first describing the specific posts standing especially to develop the internal strength in the fingers and the palms. Detailed presentation of  Gongli Massage techniques (fingers, palms, elbows...and its combinations). Energetic Meridians and Acupoints used in Gongli. 20 illustrated Meridians/acupoints maps. Examples of pathologies treatment with Gongli Massage.
Li Zhaoshan presents an exclusive and interesting approach through Dachengquan of therapeutic aspects and methods embedded in any internal martial arts. Most of the time occulted by present martial artists, they constitute nevertheless a proven way to consolidate their skills and expand them in medical field.


"Healing Dachengquan is a great book, having contributed to its translation of this book, it was fascinating to understand the roots of post standing through deep explanations of "Entering Stillness" and "relative relaxation" levels.  As I am personally interested in the Yiquan therapeutic effects, I found a lot of answers. Thanks for Li Zhaoshan to present this knowledge to a wider circle of practitioner.
--- D. Zhu - January 2004

"Highly important - I have immediately improve my pole standing (even after four years of practice) through its further explanations. The download video is simply fantastic, thanks for CMA to give it with e-book, I really enjoy to watch a high level Yiquan expert performing the major techniques, it gives me the additional "light"  in my daily training. Bravo."
--- Yves France C January 2004

"Thank you to offer me this Beta version of Healing Dachengquan. From my point of view, any practitioner of Martial Arts should have a minimum understanding of Traditional Medicine, and I find in this ebook a lot of information that answer to my personal research (yoga, meditation, Yiquan, Taichi and Therapeutic Massage) all combined perfectly and giving me more insight about Chinese Traditional Medicine. Nice video of Jianwu:  this counterbalance the BW pictures. I am sure that you'll love it."
---- Luigi   - December 2004


The reference book of Authentic Healing Dachengquan
Including :
 • Dachengquan Jianwu 36 Forms

 • Martial applications
 • Dachengquan Gongli Massage

In addition the Complete Jianwu downloadable video is offered with this e-book!

Translated in English. Total  320 photos and illustrations B&W, 43600 words, 230930 characters.  Acrobat pdf file.

Jianwu video file in RM format (developed by RealPlayer). 4mn 32s.

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