Yiquan Dachengquan Duanshou by Li Zhaoshan ebook version

Introduction to Dachengquan Duanshou's most deadly fighting methods  by Li Zhaoshan

Dachengquan Duanshou's most deadly fighting methods (e-book)

Beyond the healing and other basics exercises in Dachengquan, every serious Dachengquan's practitioner wants to know how to reach the extraordinary mastery of combat which gave the reputation of invincibility for the pioneers of Dachengquan: this is precisely the target of this third and last e-book of Li Zhaoshan's collection  which includes three different e-books as the latest updated information on Dachengquan (also called Yiquan or Yichuan) in China.

A lot of our students have asked us some more new materials on Yiquan, as an answer to their request, this English collection is in exclusivity on this site.

As a recognized disciple of Wang Xuanjie and Wang Pingan, Li Zhaoshan has synthesized his experience of Expert-instructor in Dachengquan integrating in these materials many references from his master but also from the founder Wang Xianzhai and his daughter Wang Yufang to give further insight.
Published by the University of Physical Education of Beijing, translated by the team of CMA  to assure  the most reliable interpretation in standard English.

"Dachengquan Duanshou's most deadly fighting methods" is the most complete book ever published in English dedicated to the fighting techniques of Dachenquan. As the last book of this series, Li is developing and exploring in the largest extent from the initial basis explained in both two first books, now focus on combat methods. Li Zhaoshan has done an impressive research and synthesis of various sources related to Dachengquan methods of combat. This outstanding work is exceeding the only domain of Dachengquan but concerns also all internal martial arts. It is a valuable referencing work which introduces progressively from the fundamental theoretical principles of Duanshou up to the description of its most effective fighting techniques in ultimate situations with techniques of dimmak (pressing vital points)...

This e-book is divided in six chapters:

Chapter I: Introduction to Dachengquan Duanshou 每 Presentation of the fundamental principle of Qizheng -  Three main abilities involved in combat 每 Three factors influencing the issue of a combat  and many notions which you will sooner or later apprehend in duanshou (Cultivate & explore martial power, avoid three main shortcomings) .

Chapter II: One the most important chapter - Basic Techniques of Duanshou Dachengquan 每 Explaining in detail the process of muscle contraction and its development through post standing, Li explores later main basic techniques requested in Duanshou each time with precise information on the type of forces it will develop particularly and its suitable mental activity.  Further Li introduces his three revolutionary concepts of Universal Force, Internal Strength Field and Free force and how to develop them. As the final aspect to develop is the Psychological aspect called here Braveness training: description of psychological factors in combat, method of training including voice training and eye training for combat purpose. 

Chapter III: Basic Fighting Techniques of Duanshou. As the core of this e-book, Li Zhaoshan presents five levels of tactics involved in Duanshou*s fighting techniques: 1) Single hand technique 每 2) Golden Turtle Emerging from Water 每 3) Successful strike & evading strike 每 4) Defense & attack (including tactile sensation, stick & adhere#) 每 5) Attack interception (including Midline tactic, force borrowing, Absorb & carry on#).

Each of these general groups of tactics including their own concept and method of training are presented too.

Chapter IV: Chaining Fighting Techniques of Duanshou: Explanation on the three different ways  to combine techniques 每 Fourteen most efficient fighting combinations presented in details each time  with two major scenarios (attack and counterattack).

Chapter V: Self-defense in Dachengquan. Applications of Duanshou*s techniques in six different types of situation: 1) Against punch 每 2) Against grappling 每 3) Against kick 每 4) Against lethal weapons 每 5) Last resort technique (with some Dimmak applications) 每 6) in Daily situations
These examples of self defense situations will give to Dachengquan this final touch realism once they have mastered previous techniques.

Chapter VI: Duanshou Ultimate Fatal Techniques. These are among the final techniques (strengthening combinations, close-combat#) which will confer to the advanced martial artist, his full mastery in combat but also his uniqueness (unique skill) in martial arts circle.

Li Zhaoshan presents an exclusive and quite exhaustive approach through Dachengquan of fighting methods which are also hidden in  any internal martial arts. Very famous for his pedagogic materials, Li explains in a simple and direct style tricks and methods of combat, all derived from the prime training of zhan zhuang. This constitutes an immense reference material which will help them even in their advanced stage, Dachengquan's practitioners in their progressive mastery of the art of combat: Duanshou.


"Since a long time, I have been looking for a book which explains especially the further and last steps in Yiquan for combat applications: Li Zhaoshan is the one who gave the answer in this book. With convincing scientific explanations in the process of muscle contraction or in reactive type of force with the Newtons Law, he is drawing clearly a new mapping of the Combat effectiveness of Duanshou. I have even improved myself some important techniques of Taichi such as ※Single whip§ which was always so ※obscure§ before reading his instructions on the Whipping force. I do believe that I have still a lot of techniques to explore progressively with this incomparable material. Thanks a lot to Li Zhaoshan.
--- D. Zhu - May 2005

"The concept of Internal Strength Field presented in this book is really interesting. I also like very much all the tactics of combat presented, it give to the reader further tangible tools to improve his sparring. Thanks also for the superb explanation on Golden Turtle Emerging from Water, I really feel now more powerful, even just with this technique.  Great job Li, you are the one who did it."
---- Gino USA   - May 2005

"I am honored for been among the first one to review this excellent book 每 After almost 35 years of practice in internal martial arts, I found the contents of Li*s latest book, so clearly and so honestly exposed that I feel really having wasted a lot of time and effort searching from various sources what is simply gathered in this book. Maybe some people will not immediately realize it, but Duanshou*s book reveals in fact the TRESORS of Internal Martial Arts."
--- Christian  West Indies 每 April 2005

Dachengquan Duanshou's most deadly fighting methods

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