Master Shi Feng Qi

Master Shi Feng Qi has studied Yiquan(Yi Chuan) with Yang Demao, he started at the age of 19. Originated from Hebei Province, he practiced Shaolin style before meeting his Master Yang. He uses to explain to his students that before practicing Yiquan(Yi Chuan) a friend of him who was practicing Tong Bei Quan, used to beat him in combat. But later after just a few years practicing Yiquan(Yi Chuan) he beat his friend with one punch knocking him down.

Master Shi has also quite famous students in Europe, as he used to replace the famous Wang Xuanjie in Yiquan(Yi Chuan) classes. Member of the Beijing Yiquan(Yi Chuan) Federation, Master Shi is now over 70 and is still very powerful.

Master Shi used to teach in Beijing's Ren Ding Hu Park under the shade of large trees.
His teaching is quite traditional: insisting in zhan zhuang especially for beginners.
Anyone who will start with him will need to reach the target of one hour of pole standing...
After zhan zhuang, his students will practice shili (testing force exercises) and mossabu (footwork).
The class will end with a round table where everyone can ask freely any question about their exercises. His focus is also on helping each student to perceive by himself progress and readapt each practice accordingly.
M. Shi Feng Qi likes to remind to his students the link between Yiquan(Yi Chuan) and Xingyiquan(Yi Chuan). By evoking the legendary meeting between Cheng Ting Hua and Guo Yun Shen:
According to him their where not really a combat exchange during this exceptional meeting but only a mutual presentation of skills:
- Guo Yun Shen performed one of his favorite fist and each one who was assisting to this meeting could even feel like a breeze shaking slightly the curtain several meters beyong Guo, there was really a feeling of power in one single movement,
- Cheng Ting Hua performed his Bagua steps and everyone could appreciate how fast and unpredictable were the steps of Chen,

This exchange of skills was so richfull, that each one concluded to join their skills and exchange students. Even later Wang Xiang Zhai assimilated both skills of Bagua and Xing Yi Quan(Yi Chuan) to create his own style: Yiquan(Yi Chuan).

In his teaching Master Shi feng Qi includes also the ¡°Yiquan(Yi Chuan)¡± version of the five fists originated from Xingg Yi Quan(Hsing Yi Chuan).

Pi Quan (Splitting Fist), Zuan Quan (Drilling Fist), Ben Quan Quan (Smashing Fist), Pao Quan (Pounding Fist) and Heng Quan (Crossing Fist).

Ben Quan Quan (Smashing Fist)Zuan Quan (Drilling Fist)
Heng Quan ( Crossing Fist)
  Pao Quan (Pounding Fist)
Pi Quan (Splitting Fist)    

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