THE TAO OF YI-CHUAN  by Li Jiang Yu (avi files)

A direct student of Late Great Master Wang Xiang Zhai, the founder of Yiquan, Master Li Jiang Yu from Beijing China teaches the secrets of the Internal Martial Arts that have evaded the western world till now.

Not only will you be able to learn the health postures for both young and old but you will learn the magic of 5000 years tradition of fitness and self defence as taught by China's most important Masters like Wang Xian Zhai, Guo Yun Shen, Yao Zongxun and now Li Jian Yu. This video includes health posts, combat posts, stepping and moving, fa li (power exertion),pushing hands and martial applications with a partner.

At 80, Master Li still brings brilliantly these almost forgotten secrets into the new millenium and reveal body mind exercises jealously preserved in most internal martial arts systems. Useful tactics and techniques in pushing hands are performed effortless while defeating his much higher and heavier opponent, demonstrating his constant ability to use his whole body power with superior alignment within physical confrontation. All essential skills to dominate opponent in pure combat situation.



The Tao of Yi-Chuan - Way of the Focused Fist by Li Jiang Yu

Total duration 55 mn  - 4 avi files - Chinese English  - 55 minutes

Total duration: 55 mn - English subtitle.


"Master Li Jiang Yu's DVD "Tao of Yi Chuan" is probably the cream of the crop in Martial Art DVDs. It is such a treat to learn from one of the rare surviving 2nd generation Yi Chuan master.

Yi Chuan is a rare martial art noted for its simplicity, tremendous health benefits and stunningly powerful fighting techniques. However, with the passing away of founder Wang Xiang Zhay and most of his students, this art is quickly become an endangered species. Master Li Jiang Yu's DVD will help to preserve this art... Master Li Jiang Yu's DVD contains everything in Yi Chuan, including Standing Meditation, Testing of force, Footwork, Push hands, Power release or Issuing force, Animal Play and many self defense techniques. Master Li is very generous in sharing Yi Chuan's secrets. Nothing is left out! The DVD is also enjoyable to watch. It has beautiful music background, set in the scene of an oriental garden in Beijing, with Master Li standing in the rain. Master Li gives instruction in English and Mandarin Chinese, with further clarification in English by a narrator. Master Li's demonstation of using relaxation and no muscular force to neutralize and uproot an opponent much heavier is very impressive."

David L. USA


"I do not have access to a teacher of Yi Chuan/i Chuan/ Da Cheng Quan. This movie is a good reference for people like me. Master Li is very impressive for someone 40 years old, even though he is almost 80 in this video. He speaks in chinese and english, but it is hard to understand a lot of what he says because he has a mic taped to him. He covers all of the basics in the video. The health stances, the combat stances, the stepping and moving, the fa li and he shows pushing hands and applications with a partner. The video was remade from a VHS video so the quality is not DVD, but it is still very good. I wish there were some more videos of Master Li, especially more instructional explanations. But this video is still very good.

If you are like me, and do not have access to a good teacher, then I highly recommend this video for your reference. I would also recommend Sifu Fong Ha's Yiquan DVD for you as well."

Kevin J.P. USA


Yiquan Classics Video: THE TAO OF YI-CHUAN  by Li Jiang Yu (avi file)

Tao of Yi-Chuan by Li Jiang Yu - Video


The Tao of Yi-Chuan video by Li Jiang Yu. 55 minutes. Full color. Chinese English. Avi files. DVD quality.Very authentic Yiquan method performed by a 80 years old expert student of  Wang Xiang Zhai and later his successor Yao Zongxun"

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Tao of Yi-Chuan + Wonder of Yiquan


The special package of Li Jianyu materials. Includes:

1- The Tao of Yi-Chuan by Li Jiang Yu. 55 minutes video.

2- The Wonder of Yiquan.A shortcut to developing Physical Potentials. E-book by his disciple Andi Peng. 250,000 words, more than 210 illustrations. Acrobat file. Latest scientific researches on pile standing and "yinian" mental activity, examples of therapeutic treatment. Save $10 with this special package. more

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