Wang Xuan Jie

Wang Xuanjie (1938.1.20-2000.3.16) was born in Beijing and from an early age took to the practice of martial arts. Apart from studying under several accomplished masters including famous wrestler Xiong Dehan, he also sought guidance in meditation from Buddhist and Taoist monks in Beijing, finally taking up he practice of Da Chengquan under its founder Wang Xiangzhai and later his successor Yao Zongxun. From this strong basis and his outstanding fighting abilities he won a worldwide popularity representing Dachengquan and more generally Chinese Internal Arts. He used to hold the functions of Senior Advisor in the Chinese Academia of Calligraphic Arts, Consultant of the Beijing University Department of Buddhist studies, Professor at the Chinese Buddhist Institute for Martial Arts Studies, Advisor in the Philanthropic Association of South Putuo Temple, Special International Advisor for the American San Francisco National Art Institute.

Mr. Wang was invited regularly by his foreign disciples in Western countries including US, Australia, France, etc...beside China. Accepting each time any challenge without encountering (among them: American professional boxer George, a National Wrestling Champion Li Liugen, a famous Tai Chi expert Shu Yuqing, Thai boxer Liu Sheng and many others coming from France, Denmark or Japan... Very soon he was considered as one of the elite of the Top Chinese Boxing Experts of his time.

During these visits Mr. Wang has incessantly played the role of ambassador of Dachengquan for a wider public, clarifying also its pedagogic aspects, summarizing it¡¯s the range of Dachengquan techniques into ¡°Seven wonderful domains of techniques¡±, as a more systematic approach of Dachengquan, nd introducing the concept of¡¶Diamond Sutra¡·of ¡°Si Xiang¡± (Four forms) dated from Ming Dynasty in guiding line in Martial Arts Training.
He was among the most prolific authors of his generation and published more than 10 different books including: ¡¶Wang Xiangzhai and Dachengquan¡·,¡¶Dachengquan techniques and practice¡·,¡¶Dachengquan¡·,¡¶Dachengquan unique skills¡·,¡¶The Method of Dachengquan¡·,¡¶One finger Zen Qigong healing technique¡·, etc...
In addition he published more than one hundred articles on martial arts theory and free
Mr. Wang used also to appear regularly in Chinese Television Channels, the national Channel CCTV dedicated to him a special series of documentaries, Beijing TV station¡± invited him in a special guest ¡¶Personalities and Experts¡·; sports magazines with large diffusion such as ¡¶Jing Wu¡·, ¡¶Wu Hun¡·, ¡¶Bo Ji¡·, etc... have and still offer regularly some of his articles; in 1980 Hongkong ¡¶Xin Wan newspaper¡·published the article: ¡°Beijing Dachengquan great master Wang Xuanjie¡± ...
Among his most famous disciples which are continuing lineage of Dachengquan are Yu Hongkun, Li Zhaoshan, He Zhenmin etc...
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