Wang Yong Xiang and Wang Yong Li

The two brothers Wang Yongxiang(Wang Yong Xiang) (borned in 1947) and Wang Yongli (borned in 1949) belong to a family quite famous for their traditional roots involved in Martial Arts. When they are young they followed their father Wang Binkui, Master Yao Zhongxun, and Master Li Yongzong to practice Yiquan(Yi Chuan), and have never stop practicing for nearly 40 years, researching and improving their martial techniques, and deepening their knowledge of an authentic boxing, adapted to real combat.
Mr. Wang Yongxiang from the founder Wang XiangzhaiˇŻs theories, training methods and preparation to actual combat basis, synthesize them into a new approach starting with a first level of internal contradictive forces training that will allow to refine one by one,
each of the three types of force used in combat and in later phase apply them in external controversial strength issuance for real combat preparation. Combat occupies a great importance in his teaching, while his power and expertise made him famous as well as his very fast hand issuing force. When he was young he used to go to any place to test his combat skills and to exchange with other fighters, accumulating a very rich experience. He went already in Italy as well as many other countries to present the art of Yiquan(Yi Chuan), he has disciples from all parts of China including Beijing, Fujian Province, Hebei, Shandong, Guangdong, Sichuan, Jilin etc... but also abroad Hongkong, Taiwan, Korea, America, England, Canada, Italy etc... He published many articles concerning Yiquan(Yi Chuan) in several Chinese magazines such as ˇ°Wu Hunˇ± or ˇ°Bojiˇ±... He has been listed as one of the top ˇ°Great masters of Chinese Martial Artsˇ± is included in the dictionary referencing them.Mr. Wang Yongli is quite know for his perspicacity and devotion in learning Yiquan(Yi Chuan) from the second generation of Yiquan(Yi Chuan) masters, prefers direct applications and demonstration than long theories. He studied Yiquan(Yi Chuan), as his brother, with Yao Zongxun, Li Yongzong, Wang Binkui etc... with full approbation from Wang Xian Zhai himself. After being in Beijing, he moved after Henan for professional reason he still lives there now. Participating to a large number of events concerning Yiquan(Yi Chuan) and Martial Arts, he has proven his capabilities in real combat, he likes also to teach and exchange with people from all horizons, debating openly, and never hesitate to illustrate his words with combat exchange or fighting applications to convince his interlocutors.
His daily schedule is always the same: after his daily work, jump in conducting Yiquan(Yi Chuan) classes and contribute actively in the development of Yiquan(Yi Chuan).

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