Yiquan(Yi Chuan) master Zhang Zhengzhong (1924-2001)

Yiquan Master Zhang Zhengzhong: a noble spirit in Martial Arts

Mr. Zhang Zhengzhong is also called Zhangzhong, belonging to the Chinese Han ethnic group. Born in Xincheng county of Hebei province, and after moved to Beijing. He was born in Mar. 10, 1924 (lunar calendar, solar calendar is Apr. 13), graduated from Beiping(ancient name of Beijing) private school Si Cun middle school, than later in University he continued his studies in philosophy. From his childhood, Zhenghong is really fond of sports, and then drift slowly his interest particularly to any boxing and wrestling sport, but still without the ability to deepen his knowledge. In 1940, Zhang met Yiquan founder Mr. Wang Xiangzhai, and studied with him, he did not only gained the essence of this art from his master¡¯s hands, but also from senior disciples such as Mr. Yao Zongxun, known as the heir of Mr. Wang Xiangzhai, and his fighting dexterity in real combat.
In 1943, Zhang decided to join the army, traveling extensively, then in Kunming (Yunnan Province) he entered into Kuomintang¡¯s Revolution Air Force Academy. At that time he was immediately sent to America to receive further
training, then returning in China he joined Chinese resistance force to fight against the country¡¯s aggression, as an Air Force Captain. After the war, Mr. Zhang left the Army, to return back to Beijing.
From this time Yao and Zhang became inseparable from the morning and night, concentrated in the sole purpose of Yiquan research.
Very scrupulous regarding his teachers¡¯ instructions, he didn¡¯t stop practicing, placing a special importance in real combat, having a large experience. He was very sharp in boxing and also in society. He was famous for his rightness and his personal contribution in combating injustice. In the 1940¡¯s, he broke up successfully a gang called ¡°Three heroes of Xisi¡±, and from then was considered as a justice defender, received praising from all his peers. He dedicated himself to Yiquan development; with a natural inclination unrelated to fame or benefit, where gain, loss or fame have not their place. Respecting teachers and seniors, but also cherishing and leading by hand new generations, always with a same reverence and manners whatever generation his interlocutor belonged to, this is why Mr. Yao Zongxun used to call him: ¡°The General¡±.
During a long period Zhang dedicated himself in Yiquan research, and beside continued to practice and to teach.
From 1950, he contributed with Mr. Wang Xiangzhai and Mr. Yao Zongxun to develop Yiquan in Beijing, and outside Beijing, such as Shi Jia Zhuang (Hebei Province), Handan(Hebei Province), Xian(Shanxi) and may other places abroad to spread Yiquan (Yi Chuan), increasing number of practitioners, extending this network all almost over whole China country, creating the foundations of the present Yiquan (Yi Chuan) development. In 1984, Beijing Yiquan Wushu Research Association was created, he was promoted as Vice President. In the following year, Yao Zongxun passed away, from then he held the function of the Presidency¡¯s interim, continuing brilliantly daily research activities of the association. In July 1, 2001 he passed away in Beijing, at the age of 78.
Until his last days he held with courage many distinctive functions such as the Vice Presidency of the Beijing Yiquan Wushu Research Association, the Hongkong Yiquan Research Association Chairman, Beijing Wushu Yiquan Training Center Special Technical Consultant.

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