Yao's Advanced Training (Part 1)
Combat Fists

 What is beyond traditional post standing, testing force and issuing force? Are these basic training enough to prepare you for real combat?
While some practitioner may believe that just "standing" or "moving evenly" are the key at all cost for superior fighting and will focus 90% of their training on these "pillars" exercises. Through a more scientific and complete point of view, we should understand that each exercise has his purpose, i.e. its limitations too.
Static and dynamic MUST be trained and nature has not favorized one or another for the entrance of Yiquan Kingdom.
Combat preparation requires more than before:
-) sufficient power to submit decisively your opponent, and we'll see that the Basic fists techniques are perfectly designed as tools to be used by the fighter.
-) adhering to opponent/sizing opportunity in combat: all these are related to your steps skills and your distance managemement.
The adaptation to any change in combat is basic but vital in any physical confontation whatever techniques or power involved.
-) techniques and accuracy: what makes immediately the difference between a well prepared practitioner and a none prepared one, can be perceived through his management of balance.
Especially during issuing force!!! This is an essential reference in estimating an attack opportunity during a combat.
But this is also the result of your complete training: when steps, fist, whole body and mental are well integrated

So what should we learn after zhan zhang and shili? Besides Pushing Hands which are detailled in a previous article.

Yao Cheng Guang introduces further elements to complete Yiquan combat training. The first set will cover:
- Yiquan specific Combat fist techniques,
- pad training with partner,
- sandbag training.

These fist techniques are said to be extracted from tradtional school such as Xingyiquan but also has integrated some elements of Orthodoc boxing esecially in the "not straight" aspect of the fist.
as results of combat et researches experience from both the two succeeding generations Yiquan inheritors of Yao family.

Among the four most important "combat" fists:
- Not straight (straight ) punch,
- Downwards punch,
- Drilling upwards punch,
- Horizontal punch.

These Combat Fist techniques will progressively be used in more and more "harshed" situation, for solo practice then pad training with partner and sandbag training.
But also again by increasing the steps during fist techniques.

There is a time for any Yiquan practitioner to apprehend the "Big picture" in his training. Again Yao's method is still offering a realistic plan for those who wish to complete their combat skills.
Training techiques in a "full scale" speed is also required but also bearing the immmediate reaction force on your fist and wrist immediately after your punch...
In a word Yiquan advanced training should train you, in a first stage, to get out all your wole body power up to your fist, progressively with more an more evasive steps. But also strenghten your fist/wrist to endure the reactive power generated after punching. ...more 


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