The Essence of Combat in Yiquan by Li Quan You (video materials)

Combat training through more specific and selective Yiquan techniques that derived from two styles of internal martial arts: Xingyiquan (or also known as Hsing Yi) and Baguazhang (or Pakua Chang).

As a result he is directly insisting on whole body movements as "Swimming Dragon" and sticking to the practical aspects of each technique of Fists, steps, pushing hands and Fali.

Li Quanyou is a disciple of Han Sihuang and the daughter of Wang Xiangzhai, Wang Yufang

The Video: The Essence of Combat in Yiquan by Li Quanyou gives a special perspective of Yiquan. With his solid background in internal martial arts, the author is presenting in this material much more obviously than many others the major combat techniques originated from Baguazhang (palm techniques and steps), Xingyiquan (fist techniques) and readapted by Wang Xiangzhai as Yiquan techniques.

The author: Li Quanyou is member of the Beijing Martial Arts Association, Expert in History of Martial Arts and is often animating conferences and seminars.
Since his young age , Li started to learn Yiquan with Wang Guoqiang, in the 70s he completed his martial studies with direct disciples of Wang Xiangzhai suh as Han Sihuang and Li Zhiliang.
In the 90s he studied also with the daughter of Wang Xiangzhai, Wang Yufangto complete his background, since then practicing Yiquan and promoting actiively his art.

We can appreciate the special touch he gives to Yiquan with Swimming Dragon and Leg Testing Force exercises.

 Li Quanyou1.rm 每 3mn 13s 每 Part1: Swimming Dragon & Combat application
Swimming Dragon: the ultimate exercise which should help the practitioner to develop his internal strength during his progression in the seven groups of Yiquan exercises.
It is probably the influence of Baguazhang which lead Li to prefer the term ※Swimming Dragon§ as the synthesis of his techniques instead of ※Healing Dance§ (Jianwu) as many others experts call it. Among special techniques hidden inside: Hooking, pulling, steeping etc#

 Li Quanyou2.rm 每 16mn 17s 每 Part2: Sparring techniques and their training
Major Yiquan fists techniques are presented with three different training methods:
-          First: slow motion and mental activity,
-          Second: explosive power speed,
Third: its combat applications with partner.

Xingyiquan techniques:
Beng Quan (Smashing Fist), Zuan Quan (Drilling Fist), Pi Quan (Splitting Fist), Quan Chui (Circling fist), Pao Quan (Pounding fist).
Baguazhang techniques:

Xiao Zhang
(Chopping Palm), Ye Zhang (Thrusting Palm), Da Zhang (Repeating palms)

 Li Quanyou3.rm 每 5mn 31s 每 Part3: Practical Pushing hands techniques
Introduction of four hands practical drills: twisting, rolling, drilling and filing drills existing within pushing hands. Step combinations leading to various combat applications from pushing hands such as ejecting, kicking and wrestling. 

 Li Quanyou4.rm 每 4mn 38s 每 Part4: Fali within double pushing hands methods
Introduction of springing techniques - Preliminary sensing technique 每 Shocking springing 每 Touching striking issuing force 每 Hooking Hanging issuing force.

 Li Quanyou5.rm 每 1mn 55s 每 Part5: Swimming body: step and sparring training with multiple partners.

 Li Quanyou6.rm 每 25mn 21s 每 Part6: Yiquan*s basic techniques including post standing, testing force and friction step.
Universal post-Contradiction post-Single leg mental induction post-Landing dragon post-Taming tiger post
Pressing testing force fixed and with steps 每 Hooking pushing fixed and with steps 每 Divine Turtle emerging from Water 每Rolling ball testing force.Many leg testing force and mud step exercises.
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I was a bit doubting (I never heard about him before) before viewing Li QY's materials,  but I picked some interesting techniques for sparring, especially leg attacks which I felt missing in others materials. The deep aspect of yinian or zhan zhuang generally is a bit occulted but fortunately it can be still useful to complete your training. Another point is that his selection of techniques seems quite realistic and compact to satisfy those like me who has a limited time of training."
Mac G. 每

Hi CMA, I just get all your videos, the rm files are ok, what I prefer are the legs techniques and some wrestling techniques they are quite realistic compared with other applications I've seen around in taichi especially, I would prefer to have even more of them, but I do understand that the author has to present the whole set of exercises....§
Omar S. - 

The Essence of Combat in Yiquan by Li Quanyou (video files)

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