Introduction to "ZHAN ZHUANG & THE SEARCH OF WU"  by Yu Yong Nian


Ultimate secret of internal martial arts REVEALED

CMA is proud to present in exclusivity the only translation of the fifth and latest edition of Dr. Yu Yong Nian's materials which started in the beginning with the supervision of Wang Xiangzhai himself and now include the latest results of Yu's research on Zhan Zhuang and its applications.

Zhan Zhuang & The Search of Wu By Yu Yong Nian  ¨C Ebook (210 pages with B&W illus.- 55 000 words):

Many of you have asked for it we made it available now: it  is THE reference for any serious practioner of Zhan Zhuang. Many famous authors including Lam Kam Chuen, Wang Xuanjie... but also many others who used it as the principal core of their works and researches. But... there are some essential principles and training methods which are still unrevealed and kept jealously!!!

How to check effectively your progress in Dachengquan?
How to train distinctively Healing and Combat Zhan zhuang?
How to increase rationally your martial power?
How to set up minimum and maximum physical strain in your ZZ training?

How to transform an empty post standing into a real internal and physical training?
Are there unrevealed synthetic training methods in Dachengquan?

All these issues are treated deeply and accurately to leave no more doubt as an Yiquan practitioner.

Now we suppress this cultural and language barrier to give you access directly to the deep knowledge of Yiquan, exactly as Dr. Yu is advocating his art among his students.

Through his experience and research Dr. Yu explains scientifically and methodically all embedded theories and methods to reach a better health but also to develop your internal power with the unique basis of ZHAN ZHUANG.

It is not  pure metaphysical considerations but rational approach of the human body and his cerebral functions, allowing practitioner of all levels but also coming from any martial art discipline to understand how to practice in much higher level their favorite martial art.

From traditional philosophical references Yu brings you progressivelly to discover the real and unrevealed frame that is underlying all martial arts and even all sports. Upon this new convincing perspective, he will insert with much clarity and brio the major exercises of Dachengquan such as Zhan Zhuang and Shili, the importance of mental activity and how it will induce better health but also much strength... to finally draw the perfect way ultimate level in Dachengquan.

ROOTS!!! That 's all about.

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¡°I was waiting for Yu's book in english since a long time, you made it: great!!! My understanding of Dachengquan has changed radically. I know now exactly how to improve myself in Zhan zhuang, even after 7 years of practice, the theories and the methods are very interesting, in fact answering a lot of my questions and doubts in zz. All the book is very complete and coherent from the beginning to the end¡±
Roberto S. ¨C 
Spain Madrid

 ¡°After the materials of Wang Yong Xiang, I enjoy Dr. Yu's ebook. It is not cheap but the content is precise and always practical. I like also all the scientific information and explaination: it helps you to build a great confidence in your training and a good support in each step of Yiquan..."  ¡±
Francis D. -

¡°It is a pity that Yu's book does not have any color photos but besides this, I recommend it to anyone interested in Yiquan. Moving in non-moving is no more just pure philosophy but my major training  method and I see already some effects in my taichi (even if Yu is prefering less movements...).¡±
Sophie S. G. - 
New Caledonia


Translated in English. 210 pages.  Acrobat pdf file.

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Zhan Zhuang & The Search of WU 

by Yu Yong Nian: Ebook
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