ZHAN ZHUANG & The Search of Wu
by Yu Yong Nian

Contents description

I. Introduction
In this chapter, Yu is starting to present medical aspects of zhan zhuang from the ancient Chinese references up and progressively introduce the major physiologic functions benefiting from it.
Detailed and explanative description of body's reaction during ZZ as well as comparative chart with types of ZZ.
Major progressive steps progress from a healing Zhan Zhuang practice up to a combat Zhan zhuang training.

 II. The basic theory of post standing
In Chapter II, Yu is deepening his analysis of ZZ as therapeutical physical training. Important advantages of ZZ as a middle and long term physical practice.
Physiologic functions improvement in beginner and intermediate level of ZZ training: discussion on two major categories of ZZ training.
Very precise comparison between moving an non-moving training, developed according to key physiologic systems such as respiratory system, skeleton muscles system, breathing, coronary system... Various comparative charts moving/non-moving/types of posts.

 III. The different basic posts in Zhan Zhuang
Besides the presentation of quite standard types of ZZ, Yu is also adding interesting "Assisted posts" and "Four limbs posts" opening to highest ZZ training level. Walking post but also especially Testing Force are no more just slow movements but fully explained as higher application of non-moving exercises and walking method.

 IV. Apprehending physical strain in Zhan Zhuang
This Chapter on ZZ physical strain is very rich a synthesis work of Wang Xiangzhai and Dr. Yu, emphasizing on the major parameters to help improve your training such as lower limbs/upper limbs, Wang Xiangzhai's five criteria to qualify your Zhan zhuang. Other important points covered: body alignment, angles, mental activities.

 V. Zhan Zhuang and mental activity
Synthetic training methods are presented in order to involve gradually all parameters and criteria described previously from mental activity down to sole training, and different levels of internal achievement.

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