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Healing posts - Basics of Testing force & steps in Yiquan

By Yao Chengguang

As Yiquan (or Dachengquan) is based on the practice of post standing or zhan zhuang,  Yao's method is also focusing in this first video on the training of  Healing posts or yang sheng zhuang, the fondamentals in Testing force and steps.

Largely recognized for its health nenefits, Healing posts are also the necessary basis before training Combat as  they are the first "layer" in setting  up a whole body and yet unified power but also the required mental/bodyrelaxation within the post. Selection of the most important stances:  standing/sitting/lying.

In accordance to the principle of minimum movements or rather from non-moving to moving, Yao introduces already in this first video, testing force which will help the practitioner to extend the spatial dimension of his issuing internal power but still within healing application.

The last part of this video is explaining the basis of Dachengquan steps: mocabu (mud stepping). Again deploying the spatial dimensionsof internal power,  two stepping methods: fixed steps and  moving step.  The inheritance of Baguazhang steps (Eight Hexagrams Boxing) can be also perceived in these steps for those familiar to Baguazhang, the successive leading authorities of Yiquan contribute to its evolution  for more martial efficency (timing and positionning) and health benefits (especially for body's motor system ).

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YAO CHENGGUANG - Combat Science - DVD No1 - videos files
Total duration: about 58 mn - English subtitle. 

Cheng Guang is explaining and demonstrating during each exercice.

Video contents:

The Demands of Yiquan Health Cultivation training method
1.    Even Step Expanding-Embracing Post
2.    Even Step Lifting-Embracing Post 
3.    Even Step Resting On Ball - Embracing Post 
4.    Even Step Lifting-Sticking Into Ground Post
5.    Even Step Pressing Down Post  
6.    Even Step Pushing-Lifting Post 
7.    Even Step Expanding-Embracing Post With Waving 
8.    Even Step Lifting -Sticking Into Ground with Whirling Post
9.    Even Step Resting Post 
10.    Half Bent Expanding-Embracing Post 
11.    Stepping On Cotton Lifting-Emracing Sitting Post  
12.    Hooking Feet Expanding-Embracing Sitting Post 
13.     Pressing Down Lying POST
14.     Expanding-Embracing Lying POST

The demand of Yiquan Health CultivationTesting Force training method
1.    Even Step Pushing Testing Force
2.    Even Step Playing With Water Testing Force
3.   Even Step Opening-Closing Testing Force

The demands of Yiquan steps 
1.    Fixed Step Friction Steps
2.    Moving Step Friction Steps


"Thank for releasing this video, I was looking for something like this since I hear about Yao Cheng Gunag, but could not find it. I like the clear and detailled explanations for the zhan zhuang post. I also enjoy the beginning where there is a historical dosumentory on Yiquan and the great Yiquan masters. Very useful for  starters."
Emilio Sanchez -

"Even though we can find quite a lot of video about Yiquan, I still consider Yao's one as one of the best, we can feel his experience and wideness of his program through his progressive introduction to Dachengquan method. For me it absolutely necessary to stick to a valid program to build up realinternal power otherwise it becomes very fast like learning Taichi movements!!! Thanks to Yao (Father&son)"
Franck Lavandes - France

Yao Chengguang Yiquan Combat Science - DVD no1  (avi file)

With English subtitles. Total about  58 mn video. One avi file. DVD quality.

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Yao Chengguang Yiquan Combat Science - DVD no1: Video files
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